September 13, 2015

5 am happenings and other things

I woke up at 5 am this morning so that one of our doggy guests can have her first feeding of the day. We first went out so that she can do her business and it was COLD..! It made me dread all those coming days of stuffing my feet into boots and slugging around the snow while waiting for doggy guests to do their business - early morning and night time would be the worst where it'll be cold and dark. How depressing.

After Nala pranced around the yard and decided it wasn't time yet to do her business, we quickly went back inside and I headed upstairs to bring down our heat blanket. Nala and I snuggled under it on the couch downstairs to sleep a little more. 

So many things happened over the weekend but the cold that slapped my face this morning at 5 am is what I seem to remember the most. 

I made tofu jeongol for the first time. I am not sure.. no... I am definitely sure it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. Making these types of Korean stew dishes is always like rocket science for me. I always always screw up the broth. 

Our Ida Gold tomatoes is a gift that continue to give. We harvested yet another bunch from our garden. But we are slowly seeing our once glorious perilla leaves flowering in the ends and withering away. 

Testing out different face expressions. 

Sometimes weekends are for not so healthy foods.

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