September 25, 2015

Patchwork and things and the weekend and personality tests and oh my.

The last time I made patchwork anything was in 7th grade home economics class. Ok. Actually that was the first and last time I made a patchwork anything. We were assigned to make tiny patchwork pillows. Mine was actually chosen as the best in class and the teacher used it as an example of what a good finished product should look like. Kind of surprising but I remember feeling good about it, even though no one in the class cared {I mean sewing.. not a lot of teenagers in the suburbs I grew up in cared much for sewing}. 

Well, I can't say that the above is exactly good. The squares don't line up but I kind of grew impatient measuring and cutting. I eyeballed and the fabric was cut up in slightly different shapes and imperfect squares. Other times this would drive me crazy because I tend to be Type A, perfectionist, everything has to be in order. But there are times when I like the unevenness, the bending of the rules and lines. For me, it kind of adds a little bit of personal homemade touch. 

The blind on our little window on our front door needs to be changed and instead of getting another dull blind I had planned on making a little curtain for months now. I just got around to making it yesterday after spending a miserable 2 hours trying to hem a simple linen dress. I fought with my spools and my bobbins but somehow I got a few patchwork rows in. It's still far from being done and I'll spend most of today working on it and hopefully we'll get it up before the weekend is over. 

What do you have planned? 

It's my weekend off and so we hope to spend tomorrow out in DC with Piri. Maybe starting a little later in the day and seeing the sunset there, maybe from one of the memorials. I also hope to get started on a chunky knit and also cut my bangs {man I swore I would never do this again but here we are..}

The weather is still slightly on the warmer side but I am eager to bring down our fall clothes and put our summer ones away. I love summer but I hate this transition period where it isn't so cold or hot. It's like we're in limbo. This is my black or white/extreme personality coming through. 

Oh speaking of personalities, before I leave for the weekend, Fee shared this Meyer Briggs 16 personalities test on her blog and I decided take it. I had taken a different variation of it two years ago and got ISFJ and I was surprised to see the this time around I got INFJ - the advocate. I was trying to see what made me change and did comparisons between the two personality types {here and here} and I think I have an idea why I shifted. Mostly, I was in a different place then, in the workplace especially, which probably guided most of my principles and behavior {firmly grounded in tried and true ways, etc.}. I remember reading ISFJ then and thought it was pretty accurate and now I'm pretty surprised at how much the INFJ personality reads like me now.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Hope it'll be filled with lots of good things for you.

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