September 3, 2015

The FarmFarm

There is a wonderful dog-friendly winery in Delaplane, VA, called Barrel Oak Winery. We got together with a couple of our friends this past weekend and enjoyed sangria and lunch. Afterwards we went just a couple of minutes over to The FarmFarm. There we saw a little piggy and hens roaming around freely. There were also ponies and goats and local produce for sale along with other handmade items. It's not terribly huge but quite relaxing, inviting and friendly. It was a typical lazy, hot summer afternoon, something I am going to miss terribly when autumn is in full swing {I don't do very well when we transition from summer to fall}.

Photos taken with Fujifilm x100T and edited in Photoshop CS5 using A Beautiful Mess - The Folk Collection Photoshop Action {Imogen}

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