October 21, 2015

Letters to Piri // 07

Dear my honeydew melon lovin' Piri, 

I was looking at old photos of you from Halloweens past and couldn't help but laugh and smile. I think my favorite is when you dressed up as a ghost. But I'm really sorry about the pumpkin one from 2006. That was one hot orange mess.

I feel bad waking you up from your naps but I like to get real close and smell your breath and feel your fur against my face and touch your paws. You used to expressively show that you don't like your paws being touched but now you just deal. I think I get it -- as I get older, I am learning to choose which battles are worth fighting, too.

Perhaps paws aren't much to fret about but when it comes to chicken that's another story. You sure fight for a bite every single time. 

I'm sorry I can't give you more.. 

Lately, when you get playful with toys, even if it's only for a few seconds, I can't help but recall the days when you used to shred them, take the squeakers out and play with it for hours. It's not that I 'm comparing your younger self to now and that I don't like that you got older, or that I wish I can turn back time.. but I don't know why I keep thinking back... maybe I just like to hold on to memories that much closer.

I love you just the way you are. 

When Yangkyu and I are planning and thinking about our retirement you are always a part of our plans. Then Yangkyu goes into that pretend voice of his and speaks as if you are speaking and says, "I'm going to be a zombie dog??"

I know. Crazy humans. And that's not how you sound, right? 


I feel bad when you get all excited smelling our DogVacay guests' food. I am so thankful that you get along with them and share your bed and toys with them, but when it comes to mealtime I feel terrible.. I always regret not giving you more meat and treats when you were healthier... 

You're always braving it out though, Piri - getting your Sub Q fluids, eating bland foods and taking all your medications. You're one tough cookie. And you're a fighter.. 

Thanks for choosing this battle to fight. 

The vet says that your right eye is going. I wish you had healthy eyes... When you lost your hearing, it made me incredibly sad that you couldn't hear our voices again. I panicked one day and worried that if you lost your sight that you'd forget our faces... and that smell and touch would be the only thing left for you to remember us by.. 

I worry a lot, don't I.. I'll try not to.. 

If you could do anything in the whole wide world, what would it be? 

And where would you want to go? 

And what would you want to eat?
Do you like sand between your toes? Or grass? Or is hiking more of your thing? 

Would you want to run or feel the wind through the car window? 

Recently we found out that you didn't take to getting Sub Q fluids well in the beginning. You tried biting the vet techs and they had to muzzle you. But now that you've been getting it for a while now you hesitate at first, but strut into the back room of the vet's office and get your shots like a champ without a muzzle. The vet told us that sometimes you roam around the room too, like you're all comfortable there. I'm sorry they have to poke you every time we go... I'm sorry that you associate car rides, one of your favorite things to do, with getting fluids... but I hope that it's helping... 

It's funny how everyone knows you at the vet's office. It's always "Hi Piri!" whenever we walk in through the door. Thank goodness for kind people. 

We're going to spend our 10th fall together. Let's make it the best one ever, ok?


The girl who will stop worrying so much and chop up as many honeydew melons as you want as long as you are happy and healthy. 

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