October 7, 2015

Nobel, Napoleon, Charlie, Spootie

Hello. This is Noble. He is a 10 year old Shetland Sheepdog and stayed at Piri's Place for a short while back in May. Noble was one of those guest dogs that had no trouble settling in and fit in right away. He was also one of those special cases where we took in a guest dog without doing a meet and greet first -- just from conversing with his humans we knew that he was an ideal fit for us and Piri and we were happy that they thought we were a good fit for Noble as well. He quickly became friends with Napoleon who was also staying at the same time and the two played fetch, played in the doggy pool and napped together as well.

Such a handsome face and gorgeous coat -- I think his name fits him very well. 

I'm sure you all recognize this happy face by now! Napoleon was back at Piri's Place again in May and as always he made us laugh with his funny ways {treat pose, burrowing}. We were happy that he had a fetch buddy during this stay, which probably made it a bit more fun and a bit more competitive too! 

Always a happy go lucky guy, we get pretty excited whenever his humans message us to book a stay for Napoleon {and yes! he's coming back soon! Woot woot!}

Charlie the Yorkshire Terrier came to Piri's Place during the same time as Noble and Napoleon and he was the quieter and more reserved of the bunch. Charlie gravitated toward humans more and wanted to be my side for most of the time - on my lap, sleeping next to me and just making sure that I was in his view all the time. Sometimes Noble and Napoleon, and even Piri, made him a little nervous but they all must've known that Charlie felt a little uneasy and were very understanding and made sure to give him his space. As soon as he was picked up by his humans he was all licks and wagging tail - we're thankful that even though he might've felt a little out of place, that he tried and made the best of his stay away from his humans at Piri's Place. Thanks Charlie!

Spootie, like Napoleon and Murray, is super repeat guest at Piri's Place. She was back in late May for a long stay. We absolutely love having her stay here and everything she does is adorable. And we love her humans too who are always so sweet with their email replies and have given us toys and snacks to share with all our guest dogs. I think sweetness runs in their family. 

Spootie is so charming with other guests who stay with her at the same time, to Piri, which we are always so thankful for, and to us as well. If we could we would give her all the toys in the world so she can take out all the stuffings and squeakers {her life goals}. Recently, Spootie's family added another pup to their pack and so she is now an older sister to a cocker spaniel named Clover. We are hoping that both Spootie and Clover will come to Piri's Place soon. 

We are always so thankful for all our wonderful guests and their humans. Yangkyu, Piri and I are so blown away by the kind people we meet through Piri's Place and DogVacay -- I can't say enough how amazing this experience has been for us. Our calendar is currently being filled for October and November and we are looking forward to making more memories with our guests and caring for them while their humans are away. 

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