October 16, 2015

Sweaters for the entire family

It's definitely getting to be sweater weather around here - although the afternoons still tend to be a bit on the warmer side. 

We're getting sweaters for the entire family to brace ourselves because we can be a little dramatic when it comes to cold weather. I have no idea how I survived four years in Syracuse, NY, during college but perhaps that added a little intolerance rather tolerance to snow. 

For a long time, Piri wore a sweater we got during a Black Friday sale at Petsmart. It was from the Martha Stewart line and it was the only piece of clothing that actually fit him perfectly {cockers are barrel chested which makes for apparel shopping and knitting a bit tricky}. We retired that sweater a couple years ago and we finally bought him a new one at Wylie Wagg. It's a hand knit in white. I think he looks pretty good, don't you? {Am I being biased?? Heh}

I bought a couple of sweaters as well. I have all but two vintage sweaters left in my closet - all the others I have either sold or donated. This one in grey and this white one {trying to be matchy matchy with Piri} from Zara just arrived a couple of days ago. I was actually going to return them because I wasn't sure if I liked how they fit on me {got them in medium and they look slightly big on me} but decided to keep them after trying them on a second time. I'm also eyeing this one from LL Bean. It's men's but I like the chunky style of Fisherman sweaters so much. 

Yangkyu has a good collection of sweaters but we saw a pretty one on JCrew Factory {in beet} and ordered it as well. 

I'm hoping to get started on knitting our hats, cowls and scarves for this year. It's been hard to pick up on my needles and hooks lately. One of those things that seem like a huge challenge to do. A little bit of that fall funk, you know? But I'll get over it. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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