October 29, 2015

The last of our vegetables and what's cooking in our kitchen

We have cleaned out our garden and all is left are these danver carrots we've been picking and eating little by little. We have a about half to still harvest. They have grown in all different shapes and sizes - we didn't thin them out too well and so some are thick and long while others are thin and tiny. 

Today I pulled out these guys to add to Piri's home cooked meal to jumpstart his appetite again. He's been going in and out, being iffy and picky, and so I've cooked some chicken and rice porridge and added carrots and asparagus as well. He gobbled it up. I mean licked his bowl clean and got some sticky rice on his nose, too. Perhaps he wanted to save them for later. It was good to see him eat so well, but it also made me wish he was as enthusiastic about his K/D food as he is with rice and chicken. 

We also got dinner going for us as well. It's samgyetang. But instead of using a whole chicken, we are using a a few pieces of organic chicken thighs we picked up at Trader Joe's, and rather than put together all the amazing herbs and spices ourselves, we've bought a packaged one from our local Korean grocery store. It's just in a little pouch that you boil with some water and the aroma that lets out is amazing. While samgyetang itself is tasty, the smell is what I really love. It's earthy and reminds me shigol - or the countryside, and my grandparents' house in Chungju during the holidays.

Our home smells like that right now. I love it. And I love how food can unlock so many forgotten memories. 

Samgyetang is usually food for the summer, but it makes more sense for me to eating it during the fall. 

Today, I've also raked our front and backyards {it was good exercise but at one point I really wish I had a blower} and picked up some yarn to start knitting again. But I realized that instead of starting new projects, I'm going to have to finish that sunburst granny square blanket I started last year. 

Cross my fingers that I can get it done some time soon. 

What's cooking over where you are? Did it unlock any memories from the past? 

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