November 20, 2015

Happy Weekend + WATG Knit Kit Giveaway Reminder

Happy happy Friday! 

What do you all have planned for the weekend? 

We are a full house at Piri's Place with four guest dogs and Piri to give us doggy love and doggy shenanigans all weekend long.

Yangkyu also ordered a new board game a few days ago and it finally arrived yesterday. We actually both saw Mariko's June Favorites Video {she also blogs at Gamerwife} and she featured a board gamed called Dead of Winter. Yangkyu wanted to play it so badly and went to look up board games straight afterwards. After perusing through different ones he actually ended up buying a different game called Pandemic.  We'll be playing that for sure {and Dead of Winter is on his next buy list - him and his board games - he made me play Castle Panic with him for hours when all I wanted to do was play Clue all night long}. 

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget about our Wool and The Gang Beanie Knit Kit giveaway

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