November 6, 2015

More carrots, weekend getaway + giveaway reminder

I hope you're not sick of seeing more of my carrots. 

Every time I harvest them, I can't get enough of how these actually grew in my own garden. Back in spring I was so worried if anything would actually grow but they have and these carrots have been one of my favorites to pick and cook with. 

I harvested these carrots for a DIY I am working on for DogVacay {it's Thanksgiving themed for pups!} and also for dinner we made a couple of nights ago -- we used this recipe and the spicy Korean chicken stew came out delicious. Yangkyu ended up eating all the leftovers the next day. Sneaky fella. 

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

We rented a house out in Maryland with our friends and we'll be hanging out there with our dogs and maybe go fishing and crabbing right off of the dock. Our friends are on their way there now but we will leave early tomorrow morning. We can't wait. This will be our last free weekend before we have a bunch of dogs coming for the month of November. It'll be nice to get away and also have Piri roam around and smell all the smells and be with his friends, Hiro and Mini, too. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

PS -- Don't forget to enter our giveaway with Wool and the Gang! I hope many of you will find the knit parties interesting to enter {by entering you will receive 2 tickets - for you and a friend - to attend a knit party in your city. Tickets include yarn, needles and pattern}. Apologies to those whose cities are not listed! 

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