November 18, 2015


I found Piri like this the other day. It was the day before our November DogVacay guests were to arrive. I like to have a good steady cleaning routine going before, during and after dogs stay with us - that is vacuuming, wiping, dusting and washing, including dog bed covers, blankets and toys. 

All of Piri's stuff was in the washer at the moment and so he decided to hop inside our laundry basket and nap on top of our sheets. I have never seen him do this before. I feel like the older he gets, the more he acts like a little baby. I love my senior. He had a good long nap and woke up all sleepy eyed. Really, a baby I tell ya. 

For the past few weeks, Yangkyu has had more opportunities to work from home. We don't interact a lot throughout the day when he is working from home but just the thought of him being in the other room is comforting. It also gives me some time to go running while he looks after our dog guests. Yes. I've picked it back up again earlier this month. I've been running about 3 miles several times a week and it feels great. The weather also has been generous the past few days which makes for running so much more enjoyable. I've even conquered the hilly parts of my route which actually deterred me from running outdoors for a long time. But now I'm able able to jog steadily without walking it out. It's these little feats that make me realize that my endurance is improving. Lots of high fives to that. 

I've started Piri on a new supplement. A friend of mine put her dog on Dr. Harvey's multi-vitamin mineral herbal support and suggested we also give it a try. We currently have Piri on Solid Gold Seameal, which was actually also suggested by the same friend, and so instead I bought a bottle of Dr. Harvey's Coenzyme Q10 for dogs and cats. It's for Piri's heart and I also read that it can also be helpful for the kidneys. He's been taking it well with his pill pockets. Ah the things that are available to our pets is so vast and wide now, no? 

I am way in over my head with regards to holiday gift making this year, but I am still hopeful that I can pull it off. Last night, we all {and I mean all including Piri and Britannia, our current guest} headed over to Michaels and I bought felt and embroidery floss and yarn and the works. I am hoping to order my Christmas cards today but we will see. I always avoided photo cards but I may order just a handful of Piri to share with my dog loving friends. Maybe Piri is acting more like a baby as he gets older and I am acting more like a crazy dog lady as each day passes. 

What are some things happening in your neck of the woods?

PS -- Wool and The Gang Beanie Knit Kit giveaway is happening now. 

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