December 8, 2015

DC Holiday Market + National Christmas Tree (with Piri, of course)

We have been going to the DC Holiday Market and then viewing the National Christmas Tree afterwards at the White House ever since moving to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area 5 years ago. We missed out last year because I was booked with dog guests. I didn't think it would be such a big deal to miss out but I ended up missing it and so this year I made sure to take off at least one weekend so we can get all the holiday feels before our December guest dogs arrived. 

We had this brilliant idea.

We would go with Piri (we have always gone without him in the past) and we would go in the day time when it's less cold and crowded. It would be quick and simple and yes, oh so brilliant. 

Only when we got there in the afternoon the tree wasn't so great to look at. It was missing the lights and all the other jazz. We have been having these incredible warm days and evenings lately and so we decided to stick around the neighborhood, check out the DC Holiday Market {and grab the best donuts in town - Migue's}  and then come back to view the National Christmas Tree after sundown. 

And then came our second "oops" moment when we realized that all the other displays around the National tree weren't set up yet and the performances and carolers were also absent. We had gone the day after the tree lighting ceremony and so perhaps it was a bit too early. But we only had the first weekend of December free so it was better than nothing. And we got to go with Piri this year, which made it all the more special. I bet he thought he walked into a giant bathroom {so many trees!}

  // The best donuts ever! Migue's! // 

 // National Christmas Tree 2013
 // National Christmas Tree 2012

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