December 9, 2015

Max, Angel, Tiffany + Monty

Max was back at Piri's Place in May and June. He is a careful little guy taking cautious steps when he is around other dogs but when alone and with squeaky toys he turns into a little ball of energy. It's terribly adorable when he wants you to play with him, which literally means throwing the same toy over again so he can go fetch it and return it to you and then flash a smile -- "again!"

Max also has a thing for sleeping on your pillow right on top of your head. I heard it was a Bichon thing (he is a Bichon/Yorkie mix). Oh and he's amazing at yoga. Schooled us a few times on how to properly do a downward dog. 

He is coming back later this month and we can't wait to have him here again. 

Angel was also back in June for a long stay. I love this girl so much. She is the kind of dog that doesn't ask for anything, and so I want to do so much more for her like give her extra belly rubs and give her all the toys. She was on a diet and so there were no treats for her, just healthy carrots, which she enjoyed. If Angel can teach you anything about life it's learning to be happy with nothing, but when given something, appreciating it even more. 

During her stay this time, I might've done silly things like turning on Earth Angel and Angel by Shaggy and serenading her with my horrible singing and dancing. She had a funny look on her face but I like to think that she even appreciated my efforts! {right Angel?}

We also slayed orcs together {Diablo 3 on Playstation}, had fantastic play sessions with Spootie and Piri and enjoyed sunbathing time on the deck.  

This terrific duo, Tiffany and Monty, were back at Piri's Place in June. Their mom is also on host on DogVacay {has been doing it for far longer than I have} and she has an amazing space for her dog guests. With over 200 positive reviews you know that she offers quality sitting service.

We were stoked that she brought her pups back to Piri's Place and also offered us some encouraging and positive words about what we are doing here. 

Tiffany is just a sassy little diva and Yangkyu can't get enough of her. Monty has the sweetest face imaginable and I just want to kiss his nose all day long. And he wakes up with the craziest, cutest bed head. They both love to sunbathe and nap, but they seriously love treat and meal times. They lick their bowls clean. Tiffany and Monty also wear healing gems and crystals around their necks. Just a little detail that tells you how much their humans care for their well being. 

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