December 10, 2015

TBT: Christmas in Jamsil, Seoul, Korea. December, 1983.

I remember this Christmas tree so well. I remember those lights {oh those lights!} and our ornaments so well. That card, the white boot, our stockings and the little Santa Claus ornament just above the Santa Claus card -- my brother made that in kindergarden. He still has it and hangs it on his Christmas tree now that he puts up with his little family in Georgia. 

I remember that gigantic white teddy bear. My favorite uncle gave it to me. 

I am somehow strategically cut off from the picture. Ha. Makes me laugh. 

I am wearing a green long sleeve shirt with a little Mickey Mouse patch. My brother is wearing the same one in red, I believe. We were a very festive pair in green and red.

My mom really made our home feel so warm on Christmas. The trees, decorations, the beautiful and imaginative way to keep Santa Claus alive in our little hearts and even our matchy matchy outfits.

This was all way before my mom came down with her mental illness. I remember her smile and her laughter. I remember her as my mom. Even with her illness, of course, she is my mom. She will always be. But the illness took something from her. Her personality, her real character. It has for many years and I sometimes wonder who my mom really is. And then I remember this Christmas. The Christmases from my childhood and think.. yes.. this is my real mom. 

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