December 17, 2015


I currently live in these. The jeans I got a couple weeks back at H&M -- boyfriend jeans that is a bit loose around my waist but i love the looseness {except when I don't wear a belt and it feels like every other second I'm pulling up my pants - heh}. 

My other regular wear, especially since the weather around here has been so nice, has been this dress. You get my pattern don't ya? I love the loose and flowy feel of clothes and smock style dresses have always been a favorite. It's a little long and I have been meaning to get it hemmed, although it did shrink a little after going in the wash a couple of times. But still long. I have been tinkering with the thought of hemming it myself {I have hemmed another dress I got from Etsy a while back and.. well let's just say it wasn't the cleanest job!} I have been pairing the smock dress with these boots {in beeswax leather}, which were a pain to break in but definitely a favorite now. 

I've always been a shoe addict {and don't let me get into bags....} and added these sneakers and ankle booties to my fall/winter wear {yes! finally the green ones from my wish list a while back}. 

This {in white} also joined my two Zara sweaters a couple of days ago. 

My closet is skinny. 90% of the stuff I have are items I am always wearing. It's been this thing I've been doing ever since I've learned how to purge, sell and donate, and keep my buying to a minimum. And our closet space and storage space is limited in our home and I don't really like the feeling of having too many things jammed packed into bins and things. 

I think I am done adding wears for now. I usually skip buying spring clothes and will likely see what I can add for the summer. But that's still a long ways from now, isn't it. Darn.

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