March 31, 2015

All Good Things Come In Small Packets

I learned about these seeds from Nicole over at My Garden Diaries and after reading up about them on their website and Facebook I decided to order a few for our garden. They arrived a few days ago and I can't wait until our soil is fully prepared and we're ready to sow. I also went to our local garden center and picked up a few more seeds - some poppies, garden balsams, marigolds and more herbs. A couple of Asian vegetables will round out our first garden attempt.

My husband thinks I'm being a little overly ambitious and wanted me to start out small but I got so excited and said "don't rain on my parade!" But now that I have all the packets in front of I think I am a little way in over my head. But that's ok. All should be swell, right? 

 // Seeds are from All Good Things Organic Seeds

March 30, 2015

Vegan Cuts: March Box

A couple of weeks ago I received my March Vegan Cuts box in the mail and I was yet again pleasantly surprised at the contents. Really neat stuff! 

 + Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish : I love the color pink {well this is officially called "Belmont Shore"} and is perfect for spring and even summer. 

 + Kaia Naturals Bambo Tapioca Beads : This is a powder form cleanser, exfoliator and mask. All you do is wet your palm, dispense 1/4 tsp. of the powder into your palm, massage into a milky paste and apply to your face and massage in. I haven't tried it yet but I'm very eager to! 

 + Petal Fresh Shampoo : The shampoo and conditioner I received in January were great as is the scalp cleanser in my February box. This shampoo has organic tea tree oil that is supposed to invigorate your scalp and hair. I have switched to using shampoo bars from LUSH but I'm looking forward to trying this.

+ Azalia Spa Goods Grapefruit Oil : This is a body oil to sooth the skin. I have been a huge fan of jojoba oil since last summer and never tried grapefruit oil before. I think it would smell pretty amazing. 

 + Shea Terra Butter Body Cream : This has a vanilla scene to it and I must admit I have never really been a fan of vanilla so we'll have to see how this turns out. 

 + BONUS Beauty Box Faves Pick : I receive The All Natural Face Diva Stix in Black Kohl. It says that this is a Beauty Box subscriber favorite. I actually have been using this as my eyeliner for a couple of days now, replacing the liner I usually use. This one has a fat tip and I'm not actually good at applying make up in general so this tip actually makes my lines look a little bit more messy but I learned to lightly dabble it on and smooth it out with a Q-Tip. Maybe it's because I'm not applying a whole lot but I don't seem to have problems with smudging, something I am always plagued with when wearing eye liner and mascara. 

This is the end of my initial 3-month subscription to Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I have to say that I have been really pleased with what I have been receiving. I have actually decided to renew for another 3 months and this time around I think I will share the contents with my mom. I have been sending some beauty products over to her ever few months or so and it would be nice to go through vegan beauty products together. I think it's well worth it!

As always, if you're interested, you can sign up to receive your Vegan Cuts Beauty Products here! {There is also a Vegan Cuts Snack box as well}

 // I paid for Vegan Cuts on my own, but this post contains affiliate links. This means I get a small commission if you sign up for the service through the links. All opinions are my own.

March 27, 2015

March Project Color: Yellow

My ultimate favorite color for the month of March - yellow! The corn is probably my favorite picture but those pretty fabrics are what I'm most excited about. I plan on making a patchwork something - maybe a small curtain.

And thanks Fee for taking the time out to share your yellow themed picture on Instagram using #WRLprojectcolor!

 // @burntfeather //

April is going to be all about the color green.

If you'd like to join in, email me one photo at windingridgelane [at] gmail [dot] com that depicts the color green by Friday, April 17. Please send the picture as a cropped square image, otherwise I will crop at my own discretion. Photos should not be smaller than 900x900 px. Along with your picture, please include your name and blog name and url {if applicable}. If you are on Instagram, post your picture using #WRLprojectcolor and I will try and include it in the blog round ups! 

March 26, 2015

TBT: My Aunt. Year Unknown. Seoul, Korea.

 // The back of the photo says March 29 but the year is written a little weirdly.
It looks like it says "42 Pi". //

Remember my favorite cousin, Jong Ae unni, I was talking about last week? And I mentioned her mom, who is my aunt, and my mom's older sister, from Incheon? Well, this is her. In her younger years. The baby in the picture is her son, Jong Bo, who is Jong Ae's older brother, and my other favorite cousin. 

I remember visiting my aunt in Incheon as a child. I categorize those times as one of my favorites but honestly, I don't remember much. I just remember a fond feeling. Does that make sense? 

This is terrible but we all used to call her "ddoong ddoong ee {fat} eemo {aunt}." It was a nickname actually started by my mom. You know how adults make up nicknames so their children will remember which aunt and uncle they are talking about? Well she was "ddoong ddoong ee eemo" because in her later years in life she gained considerable weight. But we used it as a term of endearment and not something where we were poking fun at her. I hope that makes sense too.

I don't know much about her husband. I just remember seeing a picture in their home of fighter jets and I recall my mom telling me a story about how he was a pilot. And how he had died but to this day I'm not sure if it was during combat or not.

You know in Korea, especially during our parents generation and maybe even perhaps now in some households, being married for a woman comes with all sorts of hardships. People hardships. You face the scrutiny of your mother-in-law and all the sisters of the husband. And it just so happened that my dad has many many sisters. So I think when my mom took me and my brother to Incheon to see her older sister, it was sort of her get-away, a time for her to unwind and be in the comforts of her sister. Maybe that's why I liked it here so much because I would always see my mom so relaxed and laughing all the time. Here doing the dishes and cooking wasn't a duty as a daughter-in-law, they were just doing the dishes and cooking as Mija {that is my mom's name}. 

Last year when I was skyping with my parents, my dad told me that ddoong ddoong ee eemo passed away. He told me the news so nonchantly but I was shell shocked. I asked my dad how he could be so calm about passing on the news of a death of a family member. He kind of nodded and didn't say anything. I think about it now and I can only presume that for my parents it's just a matter of fact. They are all getting old. It's just a natural part of life.

My mom was next to my dad when he told me the news, which Jong bo oppa* called to deliver. My mom goes back and forth with her episodes and this was one of the times she did. She just repeated "Gone. Gone," and flicked her hand upward, maybe to denote the she was up in heaven or whatever she believed to be up there. There was really no emotion but I think she was trying to suppress it. I quickly changed the subject because sometimes when we linger on sad or controversial topics her episodes get more serious and she gets angry and then secludes herself for days.

I never got a chance to talk to my dad separately to hear more about ddoong ddoong ee eemo and her funeral. And I won't get a chance to see her again. That last meeting in Pusan was our last. 

*Oppa is an honorific used by younger girls to their older brothers {again not necessary just within the family but in other circles as well, in school, among friends, etc.} - boys would say "hyung" - although many years later I learned that some girls do say "hyung" instead of oppa. Maybe some tomboyish girls would use it, but for me I switched after being involved with progressive Korean Americans as I learned that people, women, involved in democracy and human rights movements in Korea did this. But for the purposes of this story, I decided to write oppa instead of hyung since I always did call Jong Bo, oppa as a child and that's how I remember him.

 // Linking up with Want / Need

March 25, 2015

Blogger Profile: Damaris of The Cat, you and us


Welcome to a new series kicking off on The Winding Ridge Lane called "Blogger Profile." 

Are you familiar with Humans of New York? I love reading about the people featured there and the incredible stories they tell. There are no limitations or boundaries in what they share - it's all about their life -  the one where it's full of trials and tribulations, beautiful, fragile, hopeful and humorous. But for me it's not just a place where I read about other people's lives. It's about their honesty that gets me to relate to them, learn a different perspective, practice the art of understanding and empathy and really hear and try to feel what they are saying, all the while recalling similar aspects in my own life to make me feel a bit more closer with the storyteller.

I wanted to re-create something similar featuring bloggers. And so I reached out a few folks and asked if they would like to share snippets of the life, their random thoughts, whimsical dreams, closeted fears, and the profiles I have received so far truly encompass what I have been trying to curate -- a diverse collection of stories and thoughts told in random format - some without prompts, some with -- of some of the most curious and unique people I know and admire.

I hope you enjoy this series and that you are able to take away from it in a thousand different ways. In the end, it's really what you make of the stories and how are you able to relate it back to you.

This is Damaris and she is kicking this off for us.

I like to believe that I'm a good observer of situations and people at first sight; I've always been the quiet one, the (nerdy) girl in the corner of the class, on her own, trying to figure out what everything around meant. But with time, I now see this as a virtue, I've actively chosen to not follow the flow, to be quiet and observant; I've never needed to be part of a big group and do the same things everyone is going. I like to stand on my own, do the things I feel good doing and have (few) people around me who I love and are kind and lovely hearts.

Barcelona, Spain
The Cat, you and us 

March 24, 2015

Tiffany + Monty


This is Tiffany (front, 8 years old) and Monty (back, 14 years old), a pair of brother/sister Yorkies that came to stay at Piri's Place for a night a couple of weeks back.

Tiffany used to be a show dog and her humans adopted her when she retired. She loved to follow me around and find my lap any time I was sitting down - even while I was in front of my computer. She kind of peeked over with her big wide eyes to let me know that she wanted a seat on my lap. And how could I resist her face? Tiffany had so many expressions and kept me busy with the camera - every time I turned away and looked back at her again she had a new pose. It was like she was modeling. Clever girl. 

Monty no longer has his sight but he doesn't let that slow him down. He wears an angel's halo which helps guide his way but also relies on his trusty humans to make sure that he doesn't bump into anything that may get past his halo and hurt his eyes. While it seemed like he did enjoy the outdoors in the nice warm weather, he seemed to like best the comforts of his big soft bed. From there he rested and went off to dreamland. I think so because his snores were the happiest snores I have ever heard.

These two, while they enjoyed moments on their own, for the majority of the time they always stuck together. Tiffany protecting her older brother and Monty providing her with his trusty companionship.

Thank you Tiffany and Monty for being such heartwarming guests and also reminding us about living life to the fullest and always being there for loved ones no matter what.

March 23, 2015

A weekend inside our own little bubble.

We pulled and yanked and removed a bush.

Then measured, tilled and cultivated a plot of land to grow things.

We cut, hammered, built then screwed up and cut, hammered and built again our new compost bin stand.

We washed, sliced, diced our fruits and veggies for this brand new week.

It was to Home Depot, to our local garden center then back to Home Depot again.

It was lots of dreaming and getting excited for what is to come.

We spent a weekend in our own little protective bubble keeping busy by doing and making a lot of things. It was therapeutic and fruitful and just what we needed.

This week I am planning to paint our entryway and also give a couple of doors a pop of color. Then mid-week we have doggy guests coming to stay and that'll take us to mid-April. Oh, I am also hoping to finish a book I have been holding on to since last summer. I finally see the end!

March 20, 2015

Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy spring! We're waking up to snow! Oy! I think this stuff is going to turn to rain later. What a way to start the new season wouldn't you say? 

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

We are going to our local garden center to prep some gardening and yard work and I hope to come back home with some indoor plants as well. We just finished making and putting up our new shelves that now hang over our dining table and I would love to see some greens perched up there. I'm confident that I'll be kinder to plants this time around. 

High of the week // There were actually so many! I saw a beautiful yarn bomb in front of our local yarn store and I also picked up some new yarn, too, my March Vegan Cuts box arrived in the mail,  I'm back at making sunburst granny squares, the most exciting email from DogVacay HQ was waiting for me in my inbox, but I think the highest of the highs has to be celebrating Piri's 16th birthday, which was yesterday. 

Low of the week // Finding out that the crabgrass infesting our yard is actually wiregrass - something that is actually much worse and incredibly hard to get rid of. What a drab! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  

March 19, 2015

Sweet 16

Today is Piri's 16th birthday!

All day we have been reading so many wonderful messages sent from people all over the world on Instagram. We're completely blown away by the kindness people have shown us. 

Earlier, Yangkyu, Piri and I went on a few errands - and also a walk-in vet visit {I know! I'm terrible for taking him in on his birthday} - and I told anyone who gave 2 seconds of their time to Piri that it was his 16th birthday. Yangkyu laughed and said I just solidified my crazy dog lady status by doing this. I think so too. I think I deserve a badge {wink wink}. But you know, with everything that Piri has been going through, I just wanted the whole world to know that he's still got it at 16 years young.

So, happy happy birthday, Piri! Here's to many more days of cocker spaniel shenanigans!

TBT: Pretty cousin from last week's post. Seoul, Korea. 1984.

 // The back of the photo says this is from August, 1984.
Maybe when the picture was taken or maybe when it was developed.  // 

This is Jong Ae unni {Jong Ae is her first name and "unnie" literally means older sister. It's an honorific used by girls - boys use "nuna". The terms are not necessarily used for immediate family members - it's used widely, outside of the family when addressing someone you know/are fond of who is older than yourself}. 

She was the one who was helping my brother cut his birthday cake in last weeks' TBT post. I mentioned how she used to work as a flight attendant for Korean Air Lines before they dropped "Lines" from their official name. I remember I had this picture of her and wanted to show her in her full uniform in front of the airline's logo. 

Doesn't she look beautiful?

I always looked up to her. She was a favorite cousin of mine and would bring all sorts of treats from her work travels. One time when I was hospitalized as a child she brought delicious cookies and this packaged grape juice that I fell in love with. I kept drinking it throughout the night and I ended up wetting the hospital bed. That was super embarrassing {for my mom too who gave me a playful noogie} but I think I thought it was well worth it because the juice was that good.  

In 1983, Jong Ae unni was supposed to be on Flight 007 which was shot down. There were no survivors. She asked her friend to take her place because she had a pre-arranged engagement she needed to tend to so they decided to swap crew duties. My mom told me how devastated she was when she found out  and carried with her so much guilt. 

After my family immigrated to the US in 1986 I didn't see or keep in touch with Jong Ae unni. I would see her later in 1998 in Pusan, Korea, and I was so elated for our reunion although it was under much sadder circumstances.

My mom who I mentioned before on the blog has been suffering from a mental illness and that time in Pusan she had a major episode and ended up traveling to Inchon to see her older sister who she hasn't seen in many years. My aunt was so shocked to see my mom in such a bad state and that was when she first learned that her younger sister was suffering from mental illness - an illness which their brother also suffered from.

She along with Jong Ae unni and her brother {my other favorite cousin} brought her back to Pusan and the first thing Jong Ae unni said to me was, "What is wrong with your mom?" It was said in a way - cold and disconnected - that was hurtful or least hurtful to my 20 year old self. I remember having such young sensitive thoughts like "she is not my favorite cousin anymore." 

I look back at our short reunion now and don't think that way anymore. I wish I was a bit more mature and I wish I could have conversed with them to let them know that even though my mom, their aunt, was suffering from mental illness, she was, deep inside, still the same person they knew from way back when. 

Maybe one day I'll get that chance again. 

 // Linking up with Want / Need

** I think maybe I discouraged some people to link up because of the long stories that accompany my pictures. Sometimes I like to ramble on and on and am grateful for people who stop and read along. When I discovered this TBT series hosted by Wendy, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to begin telling the stories of my mom and also my family. It's been something that I wanted to do for a very long time. I don't know much about my mom's side of the family and would love to one day retrace her steps and get to know her and her life better. Sometimes when I ask her now I can't tell if it's made up or if it's real. It's her illness. Anyway, I feel like we all have such fun and interesting pictures to share from the past. The link up guidelines are super simple and long stories are not one of them - and pictures only need to be a year old. I hope you'll decide to link up! 

** Sorry. I rambled again. 

March 18, 2015

March Wishing

01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 

Some things I'm dreaming up this month..

A nice denim jacket -- I had one a long time ago from Benetton {which was actually one of my mom's favorite brands so I grew up with it!} but with all my moving in my earlier years I ended up throwing or giving away a lot of things. That denim jacket was one of them. Such a regretful decision! 

As always, anything cutesy cocker spaniel shenanigan-ish always catches my eye. Those ears! 

I'm into wooden things lately and would love a pretty bowl and also learn how to carve my own spoons. I could probably do that all spring and summer long. 

A couple of things to hang on our walls including a nice vintage pull down map. Those remind me of elementary school where teachers would use wooden pointer to point things out. Ya know? 

And finally a wire basket. Maybe to hold more of my yarn and maybe some fabrics and linens I'd like to horde collect now. 

What are you wishing of this month? 

March 17, 2015

Gizmo, Spootie & Hiro

This is Gizmo. He is a 5 month old Havanese puppy. He first came to stay with us last October when he was just 11 weeks old. I was so surprised to see how big he got when his human dropped him off at Piri's Place earlier this month.  

Gizmo is a super active energetic dog and he loves to lick. A lot. In the morning, as soon as he is let out of his crate, he would run to the bed and give licks to anything he sees - faces, pillows, blankets. 

Havanese dogs are known to be companion dogs and Gizmo was just that. He followed us around everywhere and would whimper a little when one of us was away from him. But that's all he really wanted -- a good companion to share his love. Oh and maybe drawstrings, too. He loves loves loves those. The ones on our sweatpants and sweatshirts didn't stand a chance. 

This is Spootie, a 1 year old Cockapoo. She's such a sweet gal and we just loved having her at Piri's Place. When we first had a meet-and-greet she was so gentle with Piri. Perhaps she sensed that he was well into his years and so she just sniffed around the house and came up to me from time to time and gave a sniff a two but left Piri alone. 

Spootie then came for daycare while Gizmo was staying with us overnight and boy did she let out her spunky side. The two of them had a play session that should go down in history of all puppy play sessions. Let me just say that she played "like a girl" and didn't let Gizmo one up her in any way. 

She's coming back for a couple more overnight stays later on in the month and also in April. We can't wait to see this sweet face again. 

Hiro is a 6 year old Shiba Inu. Him and Piri are also friends. He stayed with us for a night and we were so excited to have him {I literally had a countdown till the day he was to come stay with us}. Although most of the time Hiro likes to be on his own and be independent he has his moments where he'll come right by your side and lay down or come up to your face and give your nose a lick or two. 

My favorite things to do with Hiro is to pet him and give him a neck and back massage. His fur is so soft. If I wear black I sort of end up looking like Hiro's twin but I don't mind one bit. His humans say Hiro's favorite thing is chicken. But he doesn't like flies and bees. Such a character this one. I hope he comes back again {and again and again}.

We have a little break from having guests over at Piri's Place for about a week. We just said good-bye to a pair of Yorkies yesterday.

When we first began our overnight and daycare service with DogVacay, the younger playful guests brought out Piri's youthful side. It was such a joy to see. But lately we have been noticing that Piri has a harder time now with puppies and we made a decision to not take in energetic dogs who like to always play and sniff and be curious with other dogs.

Piri is definitely getting on in his years {and it's his birthday week this week!} and likes to sleep most of the time and not be bothered when he is off in dreamland, but still likes to be by my side and not be cooped up in a room by himself. So a lot of running and playing, play biting and pawing and asking to play chase by the younger guests actually overwhelms him a bit now. 

We'll be sad to no longer see the youngest and most playful guests at Piri's Place, but we believe it's for the better - for Piri and also the guests who would probably enjoy an environment that is a bit more rambunctious than mellow. 

At the end of the month we have a whole lot more guests coming - we have bookings until mid April! We can't wait to see them all but we'll surely be enjoying this time off. Some craft time for me and lots of us time for me and Piri. 

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