January 1, 2016

First day of the year

We made it to midnight.

I could've sworn we'd fall asleep by 10:30 pm. The dogs all passed out at 9 pm and Yangkyu and I started to play Diablo 3 expansion on Playstation 3. The game kind of puts us to sleep and so by 10 pm I was fighting to keep my eyes open. We were going to call it a night but then we decided to see what was playing on HBO. I haven't had HBO since I was a kid but we recently got the channels and we're slowly turning into serious couch potatoes. We ended up seeing Blended with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The scene with the ostriches really annoyed me and well the whole movie was just really.. let's say not my cup of tea but it kept us up until 11:45 pm. And miraculously the dogs also got up at 11:50 pm and we all got to countdown together and ring in the new year. 

I thought it would be a slower and easier day today but we were still busy with doggy guests leaving and arriving. But our busiest, fully books days are all behind us and the last of our guests will leave in a couple of days. We'll be taking a few days off to recharge and clean. 

We took down all our Christmas things today. It always feels a little sad to have all the lights and bright colored ornaments come down, but today I felt a certain kind of eagerness. An eagerness to hurry and pack up the past and get this present/future thing going. We have lots of things we still have to try for and look forward to and I'd like to get on with it.. perhaps. 

I usually don't like this type of music but I have been listening to Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud on repeat for days now. I just turned 37 but the song makes me wonder what I'll be like when I'm 70. No, what me and Yangkyu will be like when we're 70. I wonder what it will feel like to look at him and how he's changed. How I've changed. Will we still feel the same? Will it still feel like now? Will I remember how we met? How we felt then? Then for some reason I wonder how sad I will be when it's time for us to say good bye. Such a terrible thought isn't it? I've jumped ahead about 40/50 years -- there is much to enjoy now to think about when we'll be old and grey. But that song has got me thinkin' and when I think I think pretty deep. Is this an introvert thing? 

Our home smells like baked sweet potatoes lately. It's Piri's latest craze. Well us too. He's been into the whole steamed sweet potatoes for a while but then he was kind of over it until a week ago when I baked one out of the blue. He gobbled it up and we've been baking them on the daily. Just pop a few in for about an hour on 400 degrees. Wash em first and poke holes all around with a fork. You'll know when they're done -- I just slice them and poke them with a knife and when it goes in smoothly, oh they're done. 

Just an ordinary day for a day that is celebrated to the nine and anticipated for an entire year. 

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