January 13, 2016

Go to work get up: Oversized shirts

You know, sometimes I used to look just halfway (ok... maybe not even halfway) decent when my clients came to drop off or pick up their dogs. At first I thought they would understand -- I'm constantly cleaning and playing and feeding and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. So my usual get up was a pair of old sweats, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hair up in a {really} messy bun and a face without any make up. 

I realized one day though that I looked pretty bad. Like bad to the point where I looked like my job was getting the better of me, which it wasn't! But to my clients it could have looked that way. And I do admit, sometimes when you are in grubby clothes all day, or clothes you wore when you went to bed, it can have an impact on your energy level. Like you're sleepwalking through your day. A feeling like you haven't exactly started your day. Whereas if you shower, put on a new pair of clothes, do your hair and make up, then it sort of gives a feeling like you've fully recharged. 

Am I right on this one? 

But being in the business of caring for dogs, it's hard to sometimes figure out a practical wear that'll make me look good, feel good and comfortable -- I'm constantly worried about not wanting to dirty a nice shirt or have doggy nails ruin a new sweater. But I do try to wear something nice every morning. On colder days it's been harder to do but on most days I do strive to look decent. Decent enough for folks to look at me when they are dropping or picking up my dogs to say "Oh Jane look good! This doggy business isn't wearing her down!" 

A pair of jeans and a nice sweatshirt has always been a great combo but I have found that button down shirts -- loose button down shirts -- are perfect as well. It gives me room to move around, dash over to tend to a dog who might be throwing up or having another kind of accident, play, clean, get on my hands and knees without feeling like my clothes are giving me a nightmare (riding up my back, scrunching up in the wrong places, etc.) 

I mentioned how I've fallen in love with Monki clothing line and bought a loose smock dress from them. I found these two beautiful button down shirts as well and I wish they can get in my closet right now. The white shirt dress is sold out and I am not sure if it'll ever be restocked {bummers because I like that one more than the blue oversized shirt}. But somewhere in the next couple of months I will definitely add one or two more loose button down shirts for more doggy caring, and non-doggy, caring days. 

What is your go-to work get up that makes you feel and look good at the same time?

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