February 12, 2016

Bracing for a freezing cold weekend

It's going to be cold this weekend. Twenties. Lows can go down to a single digit on Saturday. 

I've ben finishing up a cowl {just need to weave ends in} so that our necks and faces can be covered because we have a guest pup coming who only does her business on walks. We'll need that extra warmth!

I'm also thinking we need to get the fire going in our fireplace and make some soup in the slow cooker. 

Hopefully I'll get to knit up more hats over the weekend and a scarf. I also want to make a couple of blankets as well but I need to get my hands on some more yarn. Eep. Yangkyu isn't going to understand. He doesn't understand why I need more yarn when I have so much just "sitting there". :) 

Have a wonderful weekend. 
Stay warm!
And may the force be with you.

{I just saw Star Wars earlier this month and I'm still thinking about it and I wish I can see it again! I grew up watching because of my brother and a few names, scenes and things have stuck with me throughout the years. My brother was just bonkers about it. I mean figurines and model kits, {he had a humongous Millennium Falcom model kit which he didn't let me touch}, watching the movies over and over and over again and making me watch it too, role playing with make believe lightsabers {I didn't make for such a good Jedi Knight and our childhood cocker spaniel was always R2D2}, even computer programming to make a 3D version of the Millennium Falcon. Even now he shares his love for Stars Wars with his sons. And so when I watched The Force Awakens, my jaw dropped when Rey called the Millennium Falcon garbage {ok - she didn't know it was the Millennium Falcon then} and I couldn't watch when she flew it so terribly. This sounds really weird but I almost cried when Chewie and Han Solo came on the screen and almost cried a second time when the X-Wing Fighters came to the rescue. I hadn't realized the influence of my brother and Star Wars had on me but watching The Force Awakens was like reliving my childhood and all the fond memories I had of it. Did you all watch? What did you think?}

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