February 10, 2016

I get it now. Thumbs are important.

Several years ago when I was reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, the dog in the book mentions how he wants to help his owner but he can't because he doesn't have thumbs. He can't open doors or do anything of the sort. Gah! Only if he had thumbs!

Even after reading that I didn't realize how handy my thumbs were until this winter. 

Now my skin gets brutally dry every winter, but this winter has been the worst. I think it's because I wash my hands more than ever {dog care business} and I don't even bother putting on lotion afterwards because I'll be washing my hands anyway after 2 minutes of applying it. 

I don't wash the dishes with rubber gloves because too many of my glassware of gone to glassware heaven because they would slip right out of my hands. 

This all led to my fingers splitting and cracking. I mean they were just little splits but they hurt like a mother. And I got them on all my fingers - especially on my fingertips right next to my nail. And the worst was when I got them on my thumbs. I couldn't do anything - I couldn't wash the dishes, knit, even put on a band aid because the pressure just hurt too much. I tried doing these things without my thumb and you know what? You can't. 

So thumbs are important. 

I read on Emmy's blog a while back about O'Keefe's Working Hands. I got them because I was so desperate. They work. But I don't like the way they feel on my hands. It feels like I just peeled an orange. But it works. And so I apply it every night before going sleep. 

This is the golden yellow yarn I wanted to use to make a cowl but it turned into a hat. I finished it recently {after my thumbs healed}, working on it without a pattern. The top turned out a little funny but I like it anyway. I was on a pom pom kick last year and so I wanted a knit hat sans pom pom. 

But I just got a bunch of yarn though from Wool and the Gang and all I can think about is knitting up hats with huge pom poms. 

Life is always funny this way isn't it? 

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