February 17, 2016

Knitted lately

01 // A cowl for Yangkyu 
02 // A cowl for Piri
03 // A scarf for Piri 
04 // A beanie for me

I just went crazy and bought a bunch of knit hat patterns. I think part of my knitting rut came because I was making the same things over and over again and was too scared to try new techniques - switching colors, new knitting stitches and cables {although I made a cable hat last year.. but I never was able to give it another go}. 

So I'm taking baby steps.

I still have a pom pom scarf that I need to finish up {for Piri} and a bunch of chunky hats I plan to knit up with yarn from the Wool and the Gang. Afterwards, I'll have to do inventory on supplies for my new patterns and get started on them soon. 

Are you making anything on your end? 

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