February 22, 2016

Making: Doggy knit scarf. With a pom pom of course.

I have meant to get this post up in the morning and look at the time now - it's 5:55 pm! There were just other things that needed to get done so this blog post just kept taking the back seat to everything. Honestly, I have to get dinner going but if I let this blog post wait a bit longer then it won't be up till tomorrow {because you know, dinner, then the dishes and clean up and then X-Files! Woot Woot!}

Anyway, I like making things. I'm not that great at it and sometimes are there mistakes {glaring mistakes...} but I like the idea of handmade and having Piri and Yangkyu and myself be able to wear them. For Piri they may not be as practical, but doggy accessories are cute. And he looks cute in them. So I keep making. And he begrudgingly wears and models them. Bless his heart. 

This knit scarf ended up being a bit too long. I was doing fittings as I was knitting but oh well. We make do by making an extra loops and ties. 

You'll need: 
 // Yarn - One for the scarf and another color {if you'd like} for the pom pom
 // Knitting needles {I used US Size 10 straight needles}
 // Embroidery needle
 // Scissors 
 // 2 pieces of cardboard
 // Pencil
 // Empty jar
 // Tea light candle

 01 // Cast on 20 stitches. Row 1 - knit 2, purl 2. Row 2 - purl 2, knit 2. Repeat this until you have your designed length. {you can also do a 2x2 ribbing stitch, which is knit 2, purl 2 for all your rows}. 

You can see videos here to learn how to knit and purl. I ended up decreasing at one end to make a V shaped end. This is totally unnecessary. Take time to do fittings on your dog so that you get just the right length. 

02 // Cast off and weave in ends. 

03 // Fold one end of your scarf to make a loop. This is where the other end of your scarf will go through to help secure it in place while your dog is wearing it. Make sure you fold it the right way so that the other end will go through properly. Do a test run before sewing. 

04 // Take your embroidery needle and sew in the fold. One end of your scarf should now have a loop.

05 // Take your empty jar and draw two circles on your cardboard. Take your tea light candle and draw another circle inside. Your circles should look like a donut. Cut them out. You'll need to cut into the bigger circle to get to the middle circle. That's ok. You'll need that incision anyway for when you make your pom pom. 

06 // Place the two cut out cardboard together back to back. Take the yarn you decided to make the pom pom with and start wrapping it around your cardboard pieces. Your pom pom will be bigger if you wrap it around more times. Make sure the pom pom isn't too big for your dog! 

07 // After you are done, leave a bit of tail and cut your yarn. 

08 // Take your scissors and cut along the edge of your cardboard. You should be cutting into the space inbetween your two cardboards. Make sure you hold the cardboard pieces together firmly between your fingers. 

09 // Grab some more yarn and tie a knot around the space between the cardboard pieces. I like to make a double knot just in case. Also leave a long tail so that you can use it to sew on your pom pom to the scarf. Take your cardboard pieces out. Give your pom pom a trim. 

10 // Grab your embroidery needles again and stitch your pom pom in the other end of your scarf that doesn't have the loop. 

And you're done!

Here is a picture of Piri wearing his

Happy knitting and making everyone! 

Eeck! Now I have to get dinner going! 

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