February 29, 2016

The Old Lucketts Store

One of our friends who visited over the weekend loves vintage and antiques and so we took her to The Old Lucketts Store the last time she was here. She loved it so much that we all went out there again when she and two other friends were in town. 

I also love this place and regularly get items for our home. I started my vintage camera collection with cameras from Old Lucketts and one of my favorite pieces in our bedroom is also from here -- a vintage painter's ladder. 

This time around I picked up some bonsai scissors, artificial cotton flower arrangements and a straw tote bag. 

The Old Lucketts Store is dog friendly but Piri and Yangkyu hung out in the car while I went in for a quick look. The interior is too narrow for us to bring Piri inside in his carrier and there are too many steps for Piri to take which would be hard on his joints. 

He did get to explore the displays outside though and made his mark as well at a nearby grassy patch. I think he wrote "Piri was here." 

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