March 18, 2016

Too early for Cherry Blossoms

We've been going to see the DC cherry blossoms during peak bloom every year but unfortunately this year we will miss it. The weather around here has been a little crazy - warm and cool and chilly and then warm again. Originally when peak bloom dates were forecasted I immediately blocked off dates on DogVacay so we can take the day off and head out, but the forecasts changed twice {peak bloom is now expected to be on the 23rd and 24th} and fall during dates when I already have dog guests booked. Ah well. There is always next year. 

We all headed out to DC anyway yesterday and beautiful magnolia trees greeted us. We're thankful to have seen a bit of pink while we were out there. While the Tidal Basin was empty of any blooms it was nice to walk around slowly without heavy foot traffic. It gets crazy crowded during viewing season. 

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch at a nearby food truck and then headed back home. Traffic free. Woot! 

Usually in the morning and all afternoon Piri is usually napping and so understandably he was a little tired but he did get to trot around, sniff and make his mark to let the other dogs know that "Piri was here." 

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