March 21, 2016

Under the Magnolia Trees + a road trip

I hardly stop people and ask them to take pictures for us. But I just couldn't pass up taking a photo under this magnolia tree in all her (pre) spring glory. So I stopped a young woman and asked. And she took a couple of photos and stuck around until I checked to see if I liked them. 


I love them. Thank you so much. 

It is probably one of my favorite pictures of the three of us to date. 

We're full on busy over here at Piri's Place. Lots of guests coming for Spring Break and so we've been busy picking up poop, playing with toys, tossing tennis balls, handing out treats and filling up the water bowls. After all our March guests leave we're going on a road trip to Florida.

We've been talking about a road trip for a while now -- Florida, out west, up north, anywhere, really, with Piri. I don't drive {I have a license but I'm a little scared when it comes to driving so I avoid it at all costs unless I absolutely have to} so I felt bad putting all the stress of driving long hours on Yangkyu. But this year, with Piri turning 17 and more health ailments that seem to pop up, it seemed like a good time to just do it. No more waiting, no more planning to actually plan the trip. Just book. And that's exactly what we did.

It seems a little crazy but we'll be driving straight to St. Augustine to spend a night there. We found a gorgeous inn right in the Historic District. I'm still researching what we can sightsee in the short time we're there but I hope there are some baked goods left at the Spanish Bakery & Cafe by the time we arrive. I have been reading all sorts of good things about that place.

Then early next morning we'll head straight to Key West. The hotels were a bit pricy but we found a good deal at one of the {many} dog friendly beach front hotels. 

We will have some time before we leave but starting this week I'm making up lists of things to do before we leave, things to buy, pack and also download. I mean podcasts and other radio show, songs. We'll need about 38+ hours of things to keep us awake and entertained. Any suggestions?

Have a wonderful week! 

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