April 22, 2016

Dog Things + the weekend (which is also about all things dog)

Three really neat dog things for you today. 

1. The Secret Life of Pets {in theaters July 8}. I can't wait for this movie to come out. I'm hoping that they'll show it at the outdoor drive-in movie place which is about an hour from where we live so we can go watch with Piri. There is a scene in the movie which kind of looks like the picture above -- you know, dogs saying hello. 

2. Dog cafe in Los Angeles. It's the first of its kind to ever open in the U.S. While bringing your own dogs is not yet an option, you can still make a reservation and enjoy a cup of coffee, snuggle and mingle with rescue dogs at the cafe who are all available for adoption. Our friend actually pointed this cafe out to us a long time ago, way before their grand opening, and I'm just getting around to mentioning it now. The founder, Sarah Wolfgang, was in the K-pop group Tahiti during their training days, but didn't stick with the group long enough to debut with them.

3. Barkfest in New York City. We had a trip to New York planned for end of May, but depending on how Piri is doing we may not go. Either way, we will still miss out on Barkfest being held on May 22 {we planned on going up on May 23 - darn!}.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

We have guest dogs! There were a couple of dogs we cared for since coming back from Florida, but for the most part we took time off, mainly for Piri but also for us as well. We wanted to make sure we found our new rhythm and routine with Piri's recent diagnosis. And thank goodness we have found it! I have decreased the number of guest dogs I accept from 4 to 2 {although on a case by case basis I plan on taking on at most 3} so that I have enough bandwidth to care for each guest dog and also Piri.

My hands will be busy giving lots of neck scratches and belly rubs and handing out treats as well. Not a bad weekend I say.

Have a good one friends!

April 21, 2016


For the past couple of days I've been pinning images of women with these amazing beautiful curls. It's spring. I'm reorganizing and decluttering my home, and I thought I needed a personal change, and when I think I need a change the first thing I consider doing is switching up my hair style. 

The only thing was that I was scared to get something permanent. You know, I go into the salon with a picture and tell them exactly what I want and the salon folks tell you otherwise and even though you insist they do what they want anyway. Does that sound familiar? Story of my life.

I wanted tight curls from the roots and I had an inkling the hairdresser was going to talk me out of it and I would end up with a perm that started much lower. After looking online for a while I came across something called curlformers. Have you heard of them? I've never seen anything like it before and so I purchased them on Amazon {40 pieces, extra long, cork screw curls styling kit}. I love how the curls come out. It's a bit tricky for me to use but today {my second time using} it was a bit easier. I think eventually I'll fall into a groove. Although I don't think I will ever be able to do the back of my head by myself {Yangkyu has been doing it for me}. And I have definitely yanked my hair out a few times by pulling on the rod wrong. Oh and you kind of look like Predator once you have all the curlers in. But the result is pretty awesome. 

I get pretty fickle with hair and so it's probably better that I don't get something done permanent. Although I am not sure how many mornings I'll be putting curlformers in my hair and letting my hair dry to have the curls set. 

Either way, there are absolutely no regrets in buying this kit. It's seriously way better than any curling irons I've bought. And I'm having way too much fun with these bouncy curls. 

That blogging thing

So I've been thinking about a couple of things -- 

1. Is there a particular blog feed reader that you use and you love? If so, will you share what is it and why? I'm currently using Bloglovin and it hasn't been doing it for me for a while. There is a considerable lag, sometimes my feed is all wonky. Does this happen to you? Should I just suck it up and deal? 

2. Comments. In the beginning I responded to all comments -- even if it's a short reply to say thank you. I've seen other blogs where only certain comments will have a response back (comments that posed a question or a recommendation). That seemed a little odd to me and so I was responding back to all.. until I realized that I may be cluttering up people's inboxes. I don't mind when I have an inbox full of messages saying someone responded back to a comment I left but do other people mind that they got an email saying I responded and it said "thank you"? What do you in terms of comments? Do you respond all? Respond to none and just converse over email? Or respond to only those that need a response back? I'm thinking about going back to how I used to do it -- responding all but I'm curious how everyone else does it. 

I used to keep such a strict schedule in terms of how I used to blog but lately it's just been all over the place. My editorial calendar is outdated, taking pictures is grueling and while I have a billion things I want to write about, the actual writing is so darn hard. But you know, I'm getting this renewed sense of getting back on track. Hopefully it'll be real and stick. 

April 18, 2016

I like this life with you // 006

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." 
 -- Robert Frost

April 15, 2016

{Superstitious} Thoughts

On our long drive back home from Florida I had a thought.

I said to Yangkyu, "You know, maybe we couldn't get pregnant all these years because someone knew that Piri would get sick down the line. And maybe that someone wanted to make sure that we would be able to care for him, be there for him, and not also have to worry about caring for a child at the same time."

I get these silly thoughts when things aren't going so well. I try to reason in the most absurd kind of way. But as preposterous as it sounds, I truly believe this in my heart. 

This past Wednesday, I found I out I wasn't pregnant again. And yet for the first time in the four years we've been trying, I prayed and hoped that I wouldn't be pregnant because I was scared that if I was then it would be a sign that Piri would leave us soon. That our time with him was coming to an end. For it was saying that that someone who made sure Piri would have our undivided attention was now saying that it was time for Piri to go. 

A couple of days leading up to Wednesday, I had broken a necklace. It was a cocker spaniel necklace I had bought for myself and called it "a little Piri around my neck." When the chain broke off I stood there, motionless, thoughtless for several seconds. It was dreadful, the thoughts that followed afterwards. What could this possible mean? 

When my childhood cocker spaniel Bobby died at a young age, I blamed it on his red collar. My young heart truly believed that the red collar {the same red collar they put on monkeys in the movie Project X for when they were slated to be put down} had signaled to the dog gods that they could take Bobby away from us. I cried and cried and cried and regretted ever picking out the color red.

Remembering this, I never bought a red collar for Piri since he came to live with me.

I'm not really superstitious. Maybe just a little stitious.

When I asked Yangkyu what he thought during that car ride, he sat there processing it. Usually he doesn't agree with my nonsense, but this time, in that silent car ride back home in absolute pitch darkness, he nodded his head and said, "Yeah. Maybe you're right. Maybe you're right."

April 14, 2016


When we are out and about with Piri and his carrier, it's Yangkyu who pushes it most of the time. He doesn't hesitate, isn't embarrassed at what other people may think and he just tells me to do my thing -- whether it's taking pictures or enjoying time out. And while I do get lost with my camera for a while or enjoy being out, most of the time I am following right behind them just watching and being incredibly thankful for my life with them.

I mentioned before how I don't drive {I do have a license but get scared behind the wheel} and so that was part of the reason we held off going on a road trip for so many years because I felt bad putting all the pressures of driving on Yangkyu. Even to local grocery stores, vet visits, my dental and health appointments -- Yangkyu takes me. Piri is usually in the backseat. It's truly a family affair. We really do everything together.

And so when Piri's appetite was waning and I was desperate to get him to eat a couple of weeks ago, Yangkyu offered to take us to the pet store so I can grab a bunch of new canned foods. He had such little time to get there and back so that he can meet his colleague for a study session they've been having, but he made it work and also put my mind at ease.

There are also those times when he announces unexpected drives around the neighborhood. He knows I'm home all day and that's ok with me and I do prefer it as I am what someone will call an extreme homebody. But I do have itches to get out too. And Yangkyu senses when I'm feeling those moments. And so whether it's to nearby shopping centers, or our old stomping grounds or just a drive to get coffee, ice cream or a doughnut, he'll do it -- after a long day's work or studying. 

Words like "soulmate" and "dog dad" are a little too cheesy and embarrassing for me to use, but I really think he is.

I always tell him, "marrying you is like winning the jackpot for me." That always puts a big smile on his face.

Yikes. Reading that line now makes me think that's cheesier than "soulmate" and "dog dad".

Maybe we're just one big cheeseball family. 

April 13, 2016

Florida, according to my iphone

March 30 - April 5, 2016

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