April 21, 2016


For the past couple of days I've been pinning images of women with these amazing beautiful curls. It's spring. I'm reorganizing and decluttering my home, and I thought I needed a personal change, and when I think I need a change the first thing I consider doing is switching up my hair style. 

The only thing was that I was scared to get something permanent. You know, I go into the salon with a picture and tell them exactly what I want and the salon folks tell you otherwise and even though you insist they do what they want anyway. Does that sound familiar? Story of my life.

I wanted tight curls from the roots and I had an inkling the hairdresser was going to talk me out of it and I would end up with a perm that started much lower. After looking online for a while I came across something called curlformers. Have you heard of them? I've never seen anything like it before and so I purchased them on Amazon {40 pieces, extra long, cork screw curls styling kit}. I love how the curls come out. It's a bit tricky for me to use but today {my second time using} it was a bit easier. I think eventually I'll fall into a groove. Although I don't think I will ever be able to do the back of my head by myself {Yangkyu has been doing it for me}. And I have definitely yanked my hair out a few times by pulling on the rod wrong. Oh and you kind of look like Predator once you have all the curlers in. But the result is pretty awesome. 

I get pretty fickle with hair and so it's probably better that I don't get something done permanent. Although I am not sure how many mornings I'll be putting curlformers in my hair and letting my hair dry to have the curls set. 

Either way, there are absolutely no regrets in buying this kit. It's seriously way better than any curling irons I've bought. And I'm having way too much fun with these bouncy curls. 

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