April 22, 2016

Dog Things + the weekend (which is also about all things dog)

Three really neat dog things for you today. 

1. The Secret Life of Pets {in theaters July 8}. I can't wait for this movie to come out. I'm hoping that they'll show it at the outdoor drive-in movie place which is about an hour from where we live so we can go watch with Piri. There is a scene in the movie which kind of looks like the picture above -- you know, dogs saying hello. 

2. Dog cafe in Los Angeles. It's the first of its kind to ever open in the U.S. While bringing your own dogs is not yet an option, you can still make a reservation and enjoy a cup of coffee, snuggle and mingle with rescue dogs at the cafe who are all available for adoption. Our friend actually pointed this cafe out to us a long time ago, way before their grand opening, and I'm just getting around to mentioning it now. The founder, Sarah Wolfgang, was in the K-pop group Tahiti during their training days, but didn't stick with the group long enough to debut with them.

3. Barkfest in New York City. We had a trip to New York planned for end of May, but depending on how Piri is doing we may not go. Either way, we will still miss out on Barkfest being held on May 22 {we planned on going up on May 23 - darn!}.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

We have guest dogs! There were a couple of dogs we cared for since coming back from Florida, but for the most part we took time off, mainly for Piri but also for us as well. We wanted to make sure we found our new rhythm and routine with Piri's recent diagnosis. And thank goodness we have found it! I have decreased the number of guest dogs I accept from 4 to 2 {although on a case by case basis I plan on taking on at most 3} so that I have enough bandwidth to care for each guest dog and also Piri.

My hands will be busy giving lots of neck scratches and belly rubs and handing out treats as well. Not a bad weekend I say.

Have a good one friends!

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