May 30, 2016

Capital Crescent Trail

There is a trail in Bethesda called Capital Crescent Trail that leads to Georgetown - it's about 10 miles long. It's a beautiful trail and families, friends, couples, dogs and children can all enjoy it.

A long time ago when we first moved to Silver Spring, Maryland, from New York we used to hang out in Bethesda every weekend. We once rented bikes and hit the trail, and while we didn't intend to go all the way to Georgetown, we ended up feeling pretty fit to just go the distance and biked all the there and back - 20 miles round trip. 

The scenery is beautiful and there is one area where there is a body of water -- Rock Creek maybe? When we biked there, I remember stopping to take a rest and thinking how it would be nice to come here with Piri.

We never did get a chance to. Moving out to Virginia, we hardly go to Maryland anymore. 

On Saturday we were supposed to head out to DC to hang out and grab some of our favorite pop and gelato but the Memorial Day weekend traffic ended up being a bit too much and so we made a last minute change on our navigation and headed to Bethesda for old times sake. We had lunch and window shopped and hit the trail with Piri. 

We weren't going to make it to that body of water that I wanted to show Piri let alone all the way to Georgetown - it was too hot and we didn't have proper shoes to walk that far. But I still like to.

So one day. When the weather cools down, we promised Piri that we'll take him, even if it takes the whole day. 

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