May 12, 2016


We're Chewy addicts.

Every so often we are ordering a box full of things - for Piri and for Piri's Place. The website has such a great selection of quality dog food, treats, supplies and more, their prices are great, their customer service is amazing, they offer 2-day shipping and it's free when you purchase $50 or more. Sometimes it feels like our Chewy box comes within a day (we did a late night ordering, then our order was processed the next morning and our box arrived at our door step the following day). 

All of Piri's supplements are purchased through along with his treats, treats for our DogVacay guest dogs and our favorite grooming wipes, which we order at least 3 every time we are ordering something on Chewy (gotta keep everyone's paws and wee wee and potty areas clean!). 

We've also been experiencing with new dry food for Piri - something that is lower in phosphorus because of kidney disease but also something that's good quality. We tried Wysong senior, which had a good run (dogs with kidney disease and cancer get sick of certain types of food easily), and will now try out FirstMate Senior Pacific Ocean Fish Meal. Dry food isn't his main meal but we like to have it out in case he wants to nibble on something if he's feeling a little hungry between full meals.

From time to time, we will still head out to Petco, Petsmart and Wylie Wagg because shopping for dog products at an actual store is just as fun as clicking through online. But really is so very convenient for us. 

Here are some of our favorites: 
 // Natural Balance Dental Chews (duck meal formula)
 // Earth Rated poopbags (pantry pack)

We're expecting our latest Chewy box to arrive today. Woot woot.

Where do you shop for your pets? And what are their favorites?

(I don't think I have to write this but just in case -- this post wasn't sponsored. We just really love Chewy!)

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