May 6, 2016

Matchy Matchy + Taking Stock + The Weekend

We got these matching tee-shirts from last month's Loot Pets subscription box. They always have included a tee-shirt for dogs but never one for their human companions and so it was a pleasant surprise when I found one to wear and be all matchy matchy with Piri. This will definitely take me up to a higher level of being a crazy dog lady. 

While Loot Pets have been great, we have since stopped our subscription. Each month we are trying to see how to make our budget work for the best - for all our needs, including for pleasure and fun. We may go back to Loot Pets down the line or try something else {we're always wanting to try something dog related! We're dog people!}

But it's been great Loot Pets - thank you for all the amazing loot! 

Here's a little something that's been going on in these neck of the woods -- 

READING // The Forever Queen by Helen Hollick

LISTENING // Anything and everything by Korean indy band Guckkasten 

WATCHING // So many things! Including Twinsters and Love, Lies 

PLAYING // Anipang and Dr. Mario {I love old games}

WEARING // Cold weather clothes {where did the warmth go?!}

PINNING // Curly hair photos and doggy DIYs

HOPING // To get back into sewing, knitting and crocheting

ANTICIPATING // Our vegetables and flowers 

COOKING // Piri's homemade meals, which sometimes leaves me no energy to make our own meals

WANTING // This dress 

Have a wonderful weekend. We'll have one more guest dog joining us and while the rain has been ok, we will all be wishing for some sunshine to tend to our garden and squeeze in extra fetch times. 

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