June 17, 2016

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Mandrake // Guckkasten

This video was put together using clips taken from fans during Guckkasten's various live concerts. Mandrake is one of my favorite songs from them and have recently discovered that it is a widely loved fan favorite as well. According to their Facebook page, it is frequently requested as an encore song. I got to see a clip of it being played at the end of their concert held in Seoul just a few days ago that officially kicked off their first nationwide tour, fittingly titled "Squall**". 

**Squall is like a sudden violent gust of wind bringing on a localized storm including rain or snow. Guckkasten had suddenly gained enormous popularity in the past few months when their vocalist and guitarist Ha Hyun-Woo appeared in a Korean music competition show titled King of Masked Singer and maintained a record setting 9-consecutive winning streak (lasting 28 weeks). His vocal range is spectacular and his song selections have kept viewers anticipating his performances {just a few excerpts can be seen herehere, & here).

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