June 7, 2016

These things piss me off

After Yangkyu came back home from the oncologist's office he told me about an incident with one of the vet techs. She lectured him on how we need to take care of Piri's ears better. Yangkyu said that he explained to her twice about his condition but she still needed to have the last word and sort of basically say that we're shitty pet owners who don't know how to take care of our dog. 

Dear vet tech who can't seem to listen to what people are saying, 

If we are literally paying thousands of dollars for Piri's cancer treatment, do you really think that we wouldn't have paid for a couple of hundred dollars to care for his ears? 

Piri had ear issues all his life. He has received over 5 cultures, has been on so many different ointments, cleaners and medications. We've tried ruling out food. No vet {and we went through 7} was able to figure out what was going on. And now, after consulting with our current vet AFTER doing one more treatment for his ears, it was decided that maintaining is the best way to go for Piri. 

I clean his ears every day. But I wasn't able to do it yesterday or the day before because he was miserable. If you were actually listening to anything I was saying over the phone about how Piri was doing these past few days maybe you would've stopped to think before you kept speaking your mind. Or maybe if you actually listened to what Yangkyu was explaining to you, you would've stopped being so fucking judgmental and feeling like you needed to get the last word in and lecture till the very end. 

If I was there when you said what you did to  Yangkyu, I would've told you to just worry about doing your job properly. Just worry about maybe not screwing up our appointment time and then putting it on us like we had the information wrong, or maybe don't fuck up our prescription refill or just literally forget to refill at all. Oh and that time when you told us what we should expect during our next meeting and have it be completely different {sure I just adjusted my schedule for no fucking reason but you don't know half of the inconvenience I had to go through because you gave me wrong information}. And oh yeah, don't forget to include our invoice when we check out. 

I let all these things slide. At the end of the day they weren't worth bringing up. I thought about the day to day lives of the people who work at the oncologist office. Seeing sick dogs who are literally dying before their eyes. So they don't need my attitude or my correcting every mistake. But Yangkyu and I have not been completely happy with the staff at Piri's oncology hospital. But we haven't shown it. We were too busy thinking about their feelings to worry about our own.

And so when I heard what this vet tech did it pissed me off. 

Most things I try not to let it bother me, but it bothers me to no end when people misjudge, and misinterpret. 

Sometimes it feels like - I'm giving everyone and their grandmothers all the benefit of the doubt in the fucking world, and everyone I meet throws dirt in my face and say I'm this way or that way by one thing they saw. 

I don't mean to sound like I'm on a high horse preaching like a know it all. I make mistakes but I try to be as aware as possible. And when I fuck up I admit it. I'm the first to admit it and sometimes I give myself a hard time. Some people don't give two flying shits about "being aware". Their cluelessness drive me nuts. Their hypocrisy drives me nuts. Their double standard in everything drives me nuts. 

Like does this every happen to you? It happens to me all the time. 

If I'm "nice", people walk all over me and say whatever they think because they think I'm weak. 

If I'm acting like a total "bitch" then they give me respect and treat me right because they think I'm strong and not to be messed with. 

I do not understand this logic. And to all the people who say "well, that's life," I say "no I don't think that's life. Perhaps instead of conforming to that thought, be a little different and maybe this world wouldn't run so screwy?"

Oh and this -- if I don't say anything and speak up later because the situation has gotten out of hand, then people say I'm acting up and complaining and being out of character and I just need to calm down.

This is why I hate being with people.

In a world full of people who make sweeping generalizations, I take too many things into consideration before I judge or come to a conclusion. And every single time, I just wish people would give half of an effort to do the same.

I was telling Yangkyu how I belong in a personality group that makes up less than 1% of the population. Yangkyu laughed and said, "that means you have to deal with 99 people who will piss you off, before you meet that 1 person who is similar to you." 

Is this the reason why the majority of people find me weird and out of the ordinary? I literally get blank stares and head tilts from people when I say something -- an opinion or thought.

And this. Whenever I post something I don't do it to look for suggestions. When I do want a suggestion, I ask. But the majority of the time I write and post is because it's soothing for me. And sometimes people will leave comments that unexpectedly give me peace and strength. But of course the majority of the people want to suggest. They want to share something they know that may be helpful. It comes from a good place, I get it. Some people do it tactfully while others don't. This is what I don't get -- I find it odd when a person who gives unsolicited suggestions all the time is unwilling to give one when I am actually asking for one. They say "you need to go research on the Internet and it will tell you."

So, I get it. You like to give suggestions when they are not wanted and when I actually want one you think I'm a lazy person who can't bother to look it up on my own.

Thanks world, you officially suck. 

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