July 22, 2016

Getaway to Scotland, Maryland

This past Saturday, we packed up our little hatchback and drove 2 hours to a place called Scotland, Maryland {which is near California, Maryland - ha!} for some rest and relaxation. We rented a little house with our friends, Yoel and Rara, and our dogs, Piri and Mini, and stayed for a few days hanging out by the water, taking in the sun and enjoying each other company's and food. The water had some jellyfish swimming about, which made it dangerous for people and dogs to actually go in and swim {which was ok since both Piri and Mini aren't too into swimming and getting wet, and people got to still enjoy the water via kayaks}.

Speaking of kayaks, Piri went on it for the first time! I guess you are never too old to do try something new, eh? Getting on a boat/kayaking with Piri has been on our bucket list for a long long time and so we're glad to have crossed that off during this getaway.  

All the things I got for Piri became super useful - his travel bed, which turned out to be bigger and plushier than I expected, his cooling jacket and paw protector. It made the purchase all the worthwhile.

Other highlights from our 4 day trip include steamed crabs at Kellams, catching the sunrise, which is extra pretty on the waterfront, lunch at Courtney's, ice cream at Solomons Island, scary movie nights {although Yangkyu and I ended up falling asleep both times} and eating comfort food from Rara's Kitchen {this is what we like to call meals prepared by our friend Rara - she temporarily transported her "kitchen" to our vacation home and fed us until we almost popped at the seams}.

Here is a little glimpse of our time away, if you'd like to see. 

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