August 12, 2016

I did it! + the Olympics and the weekend

Holy cannoli, I did it! I survived my teeth extraction!

Of course it didn't come without drama but it's over and done with and now all I'm looking forward to is next Thursday when I get my braces in. My life can go on!

You know, I had to wait a week in complete dread to get three of my teeth extracted. Plus I had spacers in-between my top and bottom molars which were killing me to the point where I couldn't chew {I was literally swallowing my food}. So by the time Wednesday came around, I was just ready to just do it. I guess that's one good thing about waiting - I kind of get sick of it, sick of complaining too.

But when I walked in on Wednesday there was conflicting information on whether I was getting just an examination or both an examination and extraction. I was dreading yet again whether I had to wait a few more days but it was decided that a general practice dentist can do the simple extractions and not an oral surgeon {phew! how scary!}

The whole process should have only taken 45 minutes to an hour - most of the time spent on getting an examination and having any questions I had answered and then waiting around for the local anesthesia to kick in. Extraction of the actual teeth should have only taken about a minute or two per tooth. 

Of course not in my case!

I actually really dreaded getting the anesthesia shots. I got 6 total - 2 per tooth.

The shots on my gums didn't feel bad - just an ever slight pinch. The ones given inside my cheeks hurt a bit more but it wasn't anything that was unbearable. I think what made all the difference was the dentist let me know the level of pain I may feel and counted down (3, 2, 1) out loud before giving the shot. I knew exactly when I would feel pain, if any. In the past, my other dentist would just give it and that waiting and anticipation just killed me. 

My bottom two teeth came out quickly - I felt a little tugging on the right side and I didn't even feel anything on the left side and thought he didn't pull it out at all. 

The top right tooth however took about 25,/30 minutes because the tooth had two roots and one of them was long and thin and broke off when the tooth was extracted. So the dentist had to wiggle, and pull and hack at my gums to get the piece out. It was terrible. I heard the root continue to break off as he went to yank at it multiple times. And the anesthesia wore off during the process, which  made me get an extra shot. The area still hurts and I am still taking Advil and the gums look pretty gross - a big slash, whereas the bottom gums look perfectly normal. 

After the whole thing, I came home. I bled a lot. I had lots of mashed potatoes and porridge and ice cream for the past 48 hours and watched Stranger Things {so so good!} until I passed out sleeping for about 4 hours. 

I think I can go ahead and start eating regular food starting today although it feels terribly awkward. When I smile I look pretty goofy too. 

Anyway - what are you all doing for the weekend? 

We have Shone, one of our favorite Piri's Place dog guests over for a few days and it's supposed to get super hot around here and so we'll all likely stay indoors and enjoy the A/C, huddle on the bed for cuddle sessions and continue to watch the Olympics.

Have you been watching?

I know there is a lot of hype around Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps and Simon Biles (who are all amazing!) but I think my favorite Olympic stories have been of Oksana Chusovitina, the 41 year old gymnast, who I remember so well from the 1992 Barcelona Games when she competed under the Unified Team {Barcelona and Lillehammer Winter games, I think, are my favorite Olympics so far}, Kristin Armstrong, the 43 year old cyclist, who won her third consecutive gold medal. I saw her during an interview on the Today show, on her birthday, after she won her gold and they presented her with a surprise birthday, to which she replied, "Oh wow! I get to have my cake too!"And of course, Simone Manuel. Have you seen this powerful tweet? Just amazing.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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