September 28, 2016

Pre-travel habits

We're slowly packing for our trip to New York. Piri can't decide which shirt to bring. I said choose two but he thinks we need to bring all of them. He's like Yangkyu. Yangkyu packs like there is going to be a zombie apocalypse even for short overnight trips. It drives me nuts. 

For the past two days I've been cleaning the house, washing everything, dusting and wiping down the floors (thank you Dyson and Bona! You guys are a life saver!). And for the past week we've been cooking with what's been left over in our refrigerator so that it'll be all cleared (or almost all cleared). 

These are our pre-travel habits - cleaning the house because I hate coming home to a dirty one (and also it makes sense now because of Piri's Place and we clean the house regularly so that we can all, including guest dogs, enjoy a clean house) and clearing out our fridge so that we don't waste any food. Sometimes it feels like we're stuck eating things we are not in the mood for, but since we'll be going away and eating everything we'll be in the mood for, it sort of makes up for it. We also make sure to unplug electricities (TV, computers, lamps, etc.) while we are away and give Piri a bath too so that he is nice and clean (courtesy to hotels and rentals we'll be staying at -- previously when we used to board him at cage free facilities we also gave him a bath so that he would be clean for his caretakers. He gets a bath after traveling as well). 

Do you have any pre-travel habits or routines? 

It's supposed to rain the entire time we're up in New York. We're trying not to let it dampen our moods too much, but man.. do I wish it would rain another time. 


  1. We always try to clean the house and the fridge before we go on vacation as well. According to my forecast, it's only going to be rainy in NYC on Friday and Saturday but it won't last all day. Travel safe and have fun!

  2. I hate the cleaning out the fridge part too. But then again I miss home cooking when I'm gone.

    I tend to pack everything on my suitcase. I bring lots of meds because I get sick a lot :(

  3. Have a great time in NY!

    PS. I am glad you switched back to this commenting's a lot easier to use :)

  4. Oh so nice to come home to a clean house and super nice to clear your fridge, I hate wasting food, even though sometimes I am too stuck eating things I maybe not 100% excited about! All the best for your travels, I'm sure they'll be delightful rain or shine!

  5. Have a wonderful time in New York, sounds marvellous, love that place!! Hope you all enjoy x

  6. I like to pack lightly also when going away! I try to get as many outfits out of as few pieces as possible! LOL I'm laughing at Yangkyu! :D I just started using Bona products. It's great for wood floors etc. Have an awesome trip Jane. So deserving.


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