September 6, 2016

September Wish List

01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07

I haven't done these in a gazillion years but I thought to bring it back. It's fun curating and wishing a bit, no?

What are you on the look out for this month?

PS -- We'll also be doing a "For the dog and my dog heart" wish lists too so look out for those!


  1. Number 1! i want number 1. and now that i think about it, i want no.6 too

    1. #6 definitely! i remember liking large hobo bags but once i switched over to the crossbody i can't seem to go back :)

  2. I really love that scarf Jane. So pretty.

  3. Oooh those bowls are so pretty! I love seeing what people are eyeing - always fun to have wishlists :)


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