November 2, 2016

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month + Our Story with NHV Natural Pet Products

It's nearing the end of the year and we have been very fortunate to have such wonderful clients who have given us tips in cash. We never expect it but sometimes our clients insist and others hide them inside thank you cards. Last year we began a tradition to save all our tip inside a plastic piggy bank and donate half of it to a shelter/animal relief effort/financial assistance program in the local area at the end of the year. 

Wondering where we should donate our tip this year, I began researching last night and decided on a place that provides financial assistance to families to help pay for treatments for their pets who have been diagnosed with cancer. And while researching I learned that November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. 

I stayed up thinking what this meant for me and I decided that throughout the month of November, I would share blog posts about Piri's cancer journey and our experience with treatment - traditional and non, diet, finances, supplements, the emotional and physical aspects of caring for an elderly dog with cancer, the good bye and grieving process and more. I haven't thought about the details of it quite yet, but I guess these series of posts is more for me than anything... a way for me to take comfort in writing and documenting this journey we shared with Piri so that I will always have it in the years to come. But perhaps some of it may also be relatable to other pet owners and quite possibly help someone gain new perspectives and access to additional resources.

Late September, I was contacted by NHV Pet Products to see if we would be willing to share our story for their blog. We wrote our story and submitted it in early October and it was slated to go live on October 14th. I remember emailing them very early morning and asked them to hold the story because Piri had passed, and to see if they can post it a bit later. It went up on October 24th. 

I thought it would be fitting to start our Pet Cancer Awareness month blog posts by sharing our story with NHV Natural Pet Products

I hope you'll drop in from time to time to read about our experience. To us, it has been really more than a dog that had cancer, it has really been a life changing experience, a growth process, a time where I found things about myself that I never knew and coming to a realization, and holding on to, the types of human connections that have been incredibly helpful throughout this journey.

I still miss Piri terribly but I feel as though I have some purpose now. The empty feeling still comes but today I was able to have my windows open, smile at Piri's picture, turn the music on loud, dance and appreciate how bright and warm the sun was. I think it may be a sign that things won't be so unbearably hard moving forward.

 // A little background -- we were contacted by NHV Natural Pet Products in late May or June. They had been following Piri for some time on Instagram and after seeing Piri go through so many trials and tribulations with kidney disease and cancer and seeing him come back time after time, they had said they wanted to do their part in helping him and offered to send some of their products. No strings attached, no shout outs, no mentions required -- they just wanted to see if they could help in any way they can. I received their products in June but didn't try it until September because Piri was on so many different antibiotics to fight off a stubborn UTI infection and I wasn't sure if it would be too much for his body to take in so many new things. It is really the only regret I have - I wish I had known them earlier and that I had used their products earlier as well. 

Today marks day 19 since Piri crossed the rainbow bridge // 피리가 떠난지 19일 되는날... 

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  1. NHV, sounds like a great company and hopefully they are able to continue to help others too, who want to try a more natural approach. I think it's great to do a series of blog posts too, I know it's one of the reason's I'm thankful for the existence of blogs, to be able to share and read about other people, I feel like my life is so much richer for it :)


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