December 30, 2016

Piri's Year In Review

Piri crossed the rainbow bridge before the year was out, but I still thought to do this one last time since we've been doing one for him for a few years now. 

I still miss Piri immensely and it still hurts incredibly, and it is during these moments when I find myself crying or soothing my aching heart that I am left wondering how he left such big paw prints on my heart. 

Here is Piri's 2016 Year in Review. Our final one with him. 

  // My 2016 - right at midnight - started with a kiss from my human girl. This was my face afterwards. // 

  // As soon as the new year started, we were hit with a snow storm. I don't like snow much but sometimes I like to go and snow surf. Here I am with my friend Nala. // 

  // Playing in the snow was a lot of fun, but actually 2016 started off with lots of visits to specialists. My humans found a lump growing inside my mouth and I needed to be cleared to have surgery to remove it. This whole process worried my human girl a lot. I saw her crying often. // 

  // To help me feel better, my human girl started to make me things. Like this knit hat that ended up being too small.// 

  // And this scarf that was too short. // 

  // And this snood that was too big (my human girls is pretty awesome at getting the measurements wrong - but that's ok - thank goodness I'm patient). // 

  // oh and this scarf, which ended up being too long. // 

  // It was so long that I even wore it like a hat. // 

  // When knitting wasn't working out, she sewed. A scarf. Let's just say she stopped making scarves for me after this one. // 

  // Even though she wasn't so great at making me things, I still gave her a Valentine's Day balloon. She liked it a lot.// 

  // I was all cleared to have surgery and I came out of it well. Not bad for a 16 year old, right? But unfortunately the lump ended up being cancerous. It was oral melanoma. It made my humans very sad. And as time went on, it made me very sick. I started chemotherapy and it was very hard. But I pushed though and tried my best to stay strong. //  

  // We went to see the cherry blossoms in DC like we do every year, but we were a little early and only got to see the magnolia trees. They were still really pretty. // 

  // My birthday came. I turned 17. // 

  // And my human girl made me a birthday cake, like she does every year. I didn't have much of an appetite on the days leading up to my birthday, but I ended up eating all of this cake. // 

  // My appetite came and went a lot this year. My human girl bought me so many different things and made me so many things to eat. I couldn't finish it all. And I felt bad leaving them half eaten or untouched. // 

  // My humans wanted to make more memories with me and so we went on a road trip to Key West.//

  // Back home, I continued to receive treatment for my cancer. And my human girl folded cranes any chance she got. // 

  // I cuddled with my guy human. He made the hard days better. // 

  // But then I got really sick and was rushed to the ER. Everyone was so scared. I felt bad worrying everyone again. My body wasn't working like it used to. I got sick easily. I didn't know what was happening to me. // 

  // I rested at home and got lots of love. // 

  // Lamb Chop was there for me too. // 

  // I got better but had trouble drinking water, but my human girl found a way to keep me hydrated. She was always thinking of stuff like this. // 

  // I went kayaking for the first time. It's always fun going on adventures with my human guy.// 

  // And we took naps together. Just like the old days. // 

  // Everything was going well but then my human girl found that the lump in my mouth grew back. I had another surgery to remove it. This made my human girl sad again, and I felt bad that I was making her cry again. // 

  // This grey blanket became mine. It was my guy human's favorite blanket but it became my favorite. // 

  // I even took it to our road trip to New York City. // 

  // We went on the Brooklyn Bridge. // 

  // And visited our old stomping grounds in Rego Park, Queens. I have lots of good memories here. My human girl used to tell me the story often.. the story of how the three of us became family. It's my favorite story. // 

  // My human girl told me that I was super dog. And that I had a heart of a lion. She cheered me on always and said, "We got this. We got this!" I fought as much as I could. Because I wanted to be with my humans as much as they wanted to be with me. // 

  // But one day in October, I felt as though my time had come. And I needed to say good bye to my humans. And so I left quietly. I waited until they both fell asleep. The last thing they said to me was "Good night, Piri. See you later." I am glad that it was a "see you later" instead of a sad good bye. But they cried a lot when they saw that I left them, and so I sent them a rainbow to let them know that I was ok. But I still see my human girl cry because she misses me. And I miss her too. She always wonders if I miss them as much as she misses me. She gets worried if I'm doing ok because I always wanted to be with them when I was still alive. She wonders if I'm crying not being able to be with them. I want to tell her that I'm doing ok. // 

  // But there are a lot of things that I miss. Like my favorite window and my little nook in the kitchen. // 

  // I miss my red convertible. // 

  // I miss this guy. // 

  // I miss waiting for my human girl to make me my food. She was always making something new. I'm sorry I didn't always eat it. I wished I could. But I just couldn't. But I wish I can have one more taste. In my bowl with my name on it. // 

  // I miss Piri's Place and all my friends. // 

  // And my cousins, Spootie and Clover. // 

  // I miss getting Chewy boxes. // 

  // And dressing up with my human. He was always copying my style. // 

  // I miss waiting for him to come home every day. // 

  // I miss Lamb Chop. // 

  // I miss my human girl and how she loved everything about us. // 

  // I miss my favorite spot on the stairs where I did my daily stretches. // 

  // I miss learning the names of flowers. #flowersforpiri // 

  // I miss going on walks with my human girl. She walked very slow so I can keep up and carried me home when I got tired. // 

  // I miss going on car rides. // 

  // I miss my spot on the bed. // 

  // And my favorite grey blanket. // 

  // I miss taking selfies with my humans. They were the best. // 

// I miss a lot of things. And I know they miss me. But I hope one day they won't feel so sad. I'll be waiting for them but until then I'll be watching their story with Bartles unfold from across the rainbow bridge. Thank you for taking care of me and loving me, making me happy, not giving up on me and calling me your family. I was so happy with you. More than you could imagine. Love, Piri. // 

Piri's Year in Reviews

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