January 12, 2017

Letters to Bartles // 001

Dear Bartles, 

Hi. My name is Jane. I'm the girl you've been sensing for the better part of the day (I know, I'm such a stalker).

I'm the girl who taps your butt after wiping your paws to say that you're all done and the one who tickles your face when you wake up in the morning. I'm also the one who gives you those dreaded ear cleaning sessions and wipes your mouth after you're done eating. I know. I like leaving crumbs on my face too after I'm done eating. But you know, manners and all that jazz.

Of all these things though, most importantly, I'm your new family. 

Hi Bartles. It's nice to meet you. I hope you like your new home. 

I used to write letters to Piri. Piri is my former cocker spaniel. He lived to be 17 and he crossed the rainbow bridge just a few months ago in October. I am not sure if there are still traces of his scent on the bed and blankets and pillows, but if you smell another cocker spaniel, that's him. I wish you could've met him. I think you both would've been really great friends (he used to slide off of his bed, too and you both pull off the best resting cocker face look). I know we still have to explore the upstairs of our house together, and when we do, I'll show you a little corner where his things are resting. 

I don't mean to do the same things I did for Piri to you. Sometimes I feel like continuing tradition is good while other times I feel you deserve something special of your own. But I am guessing that something special will come to me one of these days. And we have plenty of days ahead to give it time to happen organically. 

Bartles. I wonder a lot of things about you. But I think mainly, I wonder if you miss your previous human. I heard that he loved you very much and was very heartbroken to let you go. I'm sure you already know that. 

I know that dogs form strong bonds with their humans and I presume that your bond with him will never break. The other day I said to Yangkyu (he's the other guy that kind of follows you around like a stalker - oh he's the other human who is your family now - you know, the one who was eating the kabob you were eyeing), "I wonder if Bartles thinks he's just on a really long vacation and thinks that he will one day reunite with his human." That thought broke my heart.

I also thought that even though you have so many beds and blankets and fancy treats now, if you could be with your human, none of this materialistic stuff matters. Dogs are like that, right? As long as their human is with them, they don't need anything else.

And yet here you are, with us, not showing any signs of anxiety or sadness. You just go with the flow and despite everything you've been through and all the medical issues you are facing, you strut, and make the most of your days and look at the person who you are with at the moment with your very best face (and give face nudges - those melt my heart by the way).

Bartles. I know you had to say good bye to your very special human. I had to say good bye to a very special dog. So I think I may know what you are feeling. But perhaps, the two of us who lost someone very special in our lives, were meant to cross paths and create a special bond of our own. Not to replace what we lost but to add on.

I like that thought. I hope you do as well. 

Bartles. I have been noticing that you find me by smelling my feet. I hope they smell nice. 

Welcome home, Bartles. We have so many adventures ahead of us. Let's strut and make the most of it. 


The new human girl in your life.


  1. This was beautiful Jane. I know you mentioned previously problems with his eyesight, so he probably heavily relies on his other senses (smelling of your feet). I've always wished animals could talk. They would be able to say so much. So sad about his former owner. Bartles is in a very good home :D

  2. So beautiful!! Hello Bartles, lovely to meet you x

  3. Awww - so many adventures ahead and I love the thought off adding onto the special bond :) :) When we first got Gremlin, we picked him up from a young man whose cat had, had kittens. Of course he couldn't keep his cat and 5 kittens but he definitely had already developed a big bond with kitten Gremlin and both he and Gremlin cried when we drove away. I was picturing that moment in my head before it actually happened and I never once thought to include those (super sad!) feelings. I'd just always pictured me being so so happy to finally have a cat but now I think if you have love, life always works out :)

  4. Let's definitely strut our stuff in 2017 - much love from Ruth, Ryon, and Mae!

  5. Such a sweet letter, Jane. I agree with Kim....wouldn't it be nice if our four-legged friends can talk? Oh, the things they could tell us!:)
    I think you and Bartles are meant to be together...not only for companionship but for healing. XOXO

  6. Aww..Bartles is so lucky to have you both. Hello Bartles!

  7. Hi Bartles, welcome to the family! I know that you felt a little weird about continuing traditions, but sometimes I think that's a good thing, and like you said, you'll find something special to do one day. Continually moving forward is important and I think you're doing a fanatastic job Jane.


  8. Beautiful words - it is clear you have so much love for him and I am happy that you both have each other. Lots of love xx


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