February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Treats for your Dog

The other day I broke out my dehydrator that's been sitting in our cabinet for way too long and decided to make treats for Bartles and our Piri's Place dog guests, Spootie and Clover. Since Valentine's Day was coming up, I decided to make them heart shaped. That shape making thingie was something I picked up for Piri but he crossed the rainbow bridge before I could make him anything (although by the time I was making homemade treats for him his appetite was so in and out that he never really ate any of the treats). 

Normally I would use uncooked chicken and as they dehydrate it would cook and dry on its own. Since I wanted the treats to be a bit on the softer side I cooked the chicken first and put it in the dehydrator for about 5 hours (you can of course do it for longer). 

All I did was steam some sweet potato (I used the ones sold at Korean markets - that's why they have the yellow color to them and not the orange color you are probably used to seeing) and chicken breast tenderloins which I pan fried over some coconut oil. I mixed the two in a mixing bowl, made them into a heart shape and put them in the dehydrator. You should be able to put them in your oven as well. 

I was afraid maybe Bartles wouldn't like it (he's not too into fruits and vegetables, but he certainly loves his meat!) but he gobbled it up. So did Spootie and Clover. 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

We don't really do anything fancy. Every year we wanted to be with Piri and we love staying inside and so it's always been take out and maybe playing a little video game or watching our favorite TV shows together. We'll certainly be doing that today.

Today also marks 4 months since Piri crossed the rainbow bridge. There is not a day that goes by when I don't think about him. I still cry and my heart still hurts very much. But it's comforting to have Bartles by our side and I love tickling his face and giving kisses on his head.

Have a wonderful one guys.


  1. these doggie treats are perfectly adorable! happy valentines day to you and yours<3

  2. This sounds like a wonderful dog treat, Jane:) And we don't celebrate VDay either. My dad passed away on Feb 14th, and even when we were just dating, hubby and I never really got into it.

  3. What lovely treats for the pups! Sounds like this might be a good way to get Bartles to eat some veggies too :)
    It's just another day for us. We prefer to celebrate love every day to a designated commercial holiday.

  4. These are so sweet and I'm sorry for all your days of hurt too Jane, I know things, especially loving holidays can make things even tougher!

  5. Who wouldn't love those treats - they look wonderful, even for humans!


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