May 2, 2017

Hello! We're Back! To blogging and from Korea!

Has it really been a month since I last blogged?

This has been the longest break I've took and I've missed it incredibly. But we're back - back to blogging and back from our Korea trip as well. 

We left on April 11th and came back on the 25th, exactly a week ago today. It all happened so quickly and magnificently and we're already missing the sights, the food (oh the food!) and all our friends and family. But we're happily back home, reunited with Mr. Bartles and getting back into our regular routine and trying to adjust back to time here (lately we've been falling asleep at 9 pm and getting up at 4 am - odd times but we actually don't mind it at all).

Oh but it was a stressful couple of weeks leading up to our trip. I'll have to tell you all about it later but it had to do with Mr. Bartles not feeling so well. He was moaning and pacing and we just didn't know what was wrong. A couple of days leading up to our trip, he showed signs of feeling better but after coming back from our trip, his former foster mom, who looked after him while we were away, let us know that the first week we were away he had gone back to moaning and pacing and not being able to sleep the night. He was tested for UTI and was put on antibiotics, which got him on the road to recovering quickly. He is doing very well now - eating well, drinking well and not moaning and crying out of pain and discomfort. We're so glad that he's bounced back. 

Well, we have so much to talk about and share. I just got done with working through all the pictures from Korea so slowly but surely we'll begin to post about our trip. 

This particular picture was taken in Jeju Island. We were on our way to see Song Ak Mountain when we spotted a pretty red lighthouse and wanted to see it more closely. Far ahead I saw an island and we decided to call it Piri's Island. I'll tell you the story behind that at a later time. 

I can't wait to start being more present on this space more and catching up on everyone's blogs as well. 

Happy to be back!


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in Korea :)

  2. Welcome back! I loved following along via IG while you guys were gallivanting about

  3. Annyeong, Jane! Good to hear from you again:) So sorry to hear about Mr.Bartles being ill after you left but great to know that he's doing ok now. And can't wait to hear all about your Korea trip. I've been asking my hubby that Seoul (and Tokyo) should be our on our destination list:D How was the weather when you were there?

  4. Welcome back and hope you enjoyed Korea! Is Mr. Bartles feeling any better?? Sending lots of love <3

  5. So looking forward to hearing/seeing all your adventures Jane - welcome back!!

  6. Oh I´ll be waiting your new posts


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