July 28, 2017

Foodie app and other Friday Favorites

I recently discovered the Foodie app and every day I've been trying to take pictures of our meals. Along with it, our conversation topic which ranged from how our day was to the movie Erin Brockovich and grassroots organizing. 

Even on days when I felt like doing another night of take out, I pushed on through in the kitchen and Yangkyu and I've been whipping up even the simplest dishes and enjoying each other's company too.

We hope you'll have a wonderful weekend. We'll be busy with.. you guessed it. Lots of dog guests. We're going to have 5 on Saturday. Wowza.

// Along with daily meal pictures, I've also gotten into the habit of tweeting out songs every night (mostly Korean indie but others as well). I have the one from last night on repeat today. It's Carmin by Jane Jang

 // Some people may recall how I went on a shopping spree after Bartles passed because I was so upset (mostly because Yangkyu wouldn't consider adopting a dog and so I rebelled - heh). I have since returned almost everything, except this blouse. I also wore it to Lady's adoption show

 // "Every single shelter in the country has senior dogs that are looking for a home and family, and they really need you." A couple changed their lives to help senior dogs and this will probably be one of the best videos you'll see.  

 // A vegan alternative to your apparel. 

// Meet Sophie Sue. After we adopted Lady, it opened up space in her former foster mom's home for another dog to get a shot at meeting her forever family. That's Sophie Sue. She's deaf, has Cushing's disease, kidney disease and dry eye. Those are what exactly Mr. Bartles had, but I hope that won't discourage you. For anyone who is willing to give her the life she deserves, you will be rewarded with endless nights of love and devotion from a dog who is probably the only living being that will love you more than itself. And what you will learn in the process is that a simple act of adopting, caring and loving a senior dog with medical issues is more worthwhile than all the accolades you will ever receive in your lifetime, and while you will be amazed at the amount of strength and spirit the dog has, you will be even more surprised by how much you possess those qualities as well. 


  1. Aaaaw....Sophie Sue is a cutie pie:) And I love that Jane Jang song! Thanks for sharing, Jane.
    Hope you're having a great weekend so far:)

  2. Wow five dog guests! Your house must be bustling this weekend but I'm sure they're all having a lovely time. I've actually been cooking more lately despite being without gas. We're loving our induction burner and hot pot has become a new ritual this summer thanks to our induction burner. I always look forward to having dinner with my husband and catching up on our days every evening.

  3. Oh the foodie app looks great - cooking can definitely be super fun! Those shoes look awesome too, definitely bookmarking :) Your words at the end are so beautiful Jane!!


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