July 31, 2017

I seem to have zero patience with stupid Internet trolls

So I just received a Facebook notification and realized that someone left a "hilarious/laugh" emoji next to a review I left for Kinokuniya bookstore in NYC (Bryant Park). When I went to go see it, I realized that there was also another person who had left a similar emoji previously.

The review was from October 1, 2016, after we had made the trip with Piri, our last one before he crossed the rainbow bridge just 14 days later. 

To our friends, you all know that trip was a special one for us. 

And that visit to Kinokuniya was a complete nightmare. It was pouring rain out and despite us double, triple, quadruple checking (even having a Japanese speaker calling to ask if the store was dog friendly) and us repeatedly getting a "yes, we are dog friendly" answer only to be turned away when we got there. This whole process was just fucking annoying, to be honest and I wasn't going to let them go on doing their business without hearing about our unpleasant experience.

My thing was, get your policy straight. You literally had us walk block after block in pouring rain to be turned away. You can't have staff say yes over the phone and then have your staff manning the doors say no. Are you that dysfunctional and disorganized? 

So I get pretty pissed over these types of trolling. I know.. I should just ignore it. But really? After reading that experience, it's funny to you? Why because you can't understand why a person would bring a dog to a bookstore? It looks like we're just getting worked up over nothing because we sound like crazy dog people to you. Because you can't understand our lifestyle and how we choose to spend our time in NYC. 

I angrily wrote to the one who laughed at the comment over Facebook. And guess what? He responded with the same laughing emoji. 

What a fucking loser. 

Hey Michael Gates. I hope life gives you real unpleasant experiences and learning lessons as you grow older. And I hope you learn to try to understand everyone's experiences and stories instead of laughing at them. I hope one day when you experience something sour, that you are met with a bucket full of condescending ridicule. 

I normally hate to dish right back, but some people are just not worth my damn patience.


  1. Oh no! Internet trolls are the worst. They give such a bitter aftertaste to things. :(
    Definitely not worth your patience!

  2. First of all, just wanna say I love that crepe myrtle you have in your yard, Jane! So beautiful. I didn't even know that that what's it's called:D
    And secondly, just read this post now. Really sad to hear about your experience with Kinokinuya.:( I was just thinking the other day how disappointed I was that we don't have a branch here in Canada as I am currently learning Japanese as well. I would suggest getting the name of the person you spoke with if an inquiry to another store happens again. I've had so many things like this happen from other stores (not pet related though) and it helped a bit that I actually had an employee name to give them even though at the end, nothing happened:( And internet trolls like these dudes are the worst. I completely understand your reaction. Unfortunately, they are everywhere even in IRL.:( Don't give them the power to ruin your emotions, Jane. This is what my husband tells me when I let disparaging comments get to me, and it's hard, but he's right. XOXO

  3. I'm glad you told him that. These people think they can hide behind their computer screen and say anything they want.

  4. Just read these posts Jane and your experience totally was uncool and it was super unkind for both those people to leave laughing emojis, sometimes we have to let people know how their actions effect us, even if it's more for us them then - you're a super kind person and I hope at the very least the bookstore was able to send you an apology!!


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