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YANGKYU ... he is the source for all the fun stories.
JANE .... she is the one who gets to write them down.
PIRI .... but he's the one who basically runs things around here.

Welcome to Winding Ridge Lane {formerly known as Always With Yoo}!

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Winding Ridge Lane is a growing online space with over 3,000 monthly views and a combined social media following of over 10,000 people (this includes Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Google Friend Connect and Instagram). We love connecting with brands we believe in and share similar aesthetics, and introducing them to our readers. Here are some ways in which we can work together: 

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Thank you and we look forward to working with you! 

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  1. I love this page! That is such a neat way to introduce yourself. And it is true - those blue shoes do seem magical! x

    1. Thank you!! Piri is known for his shoes! :)

  2. Hey Jane! I saw you had commented on my blog today about New York and I had to come say Hi! Your blog is cool & Oh Piri is too cute! Your dog high-fives? Wow! Very awesome! I have to follow you on your path! You like cupcakes too? Okay, your totally cool! Have a nice night!

    1. Thank you so much! Cupcakes are always a must! :)

  3. I am so happy you visited my blog so I could find yours! It's adorable through and through and I cannot wait to follow along and go back through your archives :)!

  4. Can I just say, how funny and cool this page is! I love it and I have probably said this before but you have cutest family. Peri is so adorable with those magical blue shoes and seriously high-five?

    Also, how cool is it that you lived in New York City?! I have yet to see it for myself but still hoping to visit someday.


  5. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog, and instantly fell in love with it! I can not get over Piri's adorable booties! May I ask...does he wear them for medical reasons, or as a preventative measure from the unknown stuff that can be seen (and not seen) in our environment?
    All the best to you and your wonderful family!

    Jessica and Taylor

    1. hi thanks for visiting! piri wears them to keep his paws clean and to protect them during his walks -- so definitely preventative! we're a bit more mindful (well i am, my husband's actually really great in always putting them on) after his paw surgery where some grass awns got stuck inside his paw. we have no idea how it got in there, so we're even more proactive in putting them on him!

  6. Jane! Your blog is precious! I love Piri! Him & Maggie need to go on a doggie date ;)

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!
    Following along!

  7. Love your About page Jane!!! Only one thing missing: you three are the most wonderful family on the blog world :)

  8. this is so sweet but the fonts are a bit hard to read

    anyway - followed! glad i stumbled upon yr blog cnt wait to read more x



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